5 historical towns in the Loire Valley

Amboise blieusong/Flickr

Amboise ©blieusong/Flickr

Everyone knows that the famous Loire Valley is a top tourist destination. It is world famous for it natural beauty and historic chateaus and communities. In one of the previous articles I have already presented you the historic castles of the Loire Valley. Below I will give you some information relating to the historic settlements of the valley. Nantes, Orleans, Tours, Amboise and Blois are just 5 of the most beautiful historical towns in the Loire Valley. Visit any of them and make an unforgettable travel experience. Besides, visit the majestic chateaus of the region. You will surely enjoy the journey and will return home with great memories.


A wonderful historical town situated in the Loire Valley is the beautiful Nantes which is home to innumerable architectural jewels. It used to be a major city of the historic Brittany. Today it attracts numerous visitors who visit the fantastic Loire Valley. From old buildings to cathedrals, from churches to museums, from parks to botanical gardens, the city is abundant in visitor attractions. You shouldn’t miss the visit.

The facade of Nantes Cathedral Mypouss/Flickr

The facade of Nantes Cathedral ©Mypouss/Flickr


Another excellent historical city in the Loire Valley is the beautiful Orleans. Located on the Loire River, the city is very attractive for tourists. With its picturesque setting and numerous landmarks, Orleans is an excellent destination for everyone. With astonishing old bridges over the Loire, interesting museums and beautiful parks, the city would surely amaze you, too.

The facade of Orleans Cathedral AZAdam/Flickr

The facade of Orleans Cathedral ©AZAdam/Flickr


Undoubtedly one of the most astonishing historic communities of the Loire Valley is the breathtaking city of Tours. It is home to numerous excellent medieval buildings and landmarks. Some of the major attractions of the city are the Tours Cathedral, Tours Botanical Garden, Hôtel Goüin, the Tours Museum of Fine Arts and so on. Visiting the city is like stepping back in past. Don’t miss this experience.


Although it is a small market town, the fascinating Amboise is an excellent place to visit if you are interested in historic buildings and landmarks. The breathtaking Chateau d’Amboise, the Tour l’Horloge, the Clos Lucé and the numerous narrow streets full of timber-framed houses attract numerous visitors each year. Amboise is an excellent destination for the lovers of history.

Amboise blieusong/Flickr

Amboise ©blieusong/Flickr


Last, but not least attractive is the astonishing city of Blois. The main attraction of the city is the Chateau de Blois, a fantastic Renaissance castle situated in the heart of the city. Besides, the 18th-century stone bridge also makes a significant point of interest for tourists. If you have the possibility, I suggest you to make a visit to Blois. You won’t regret it.

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