A biking tour in the Loire Valley

Biking in the Loire Valley, photo by celesteh/flickr

The magnificent Loire Valley is 280 km long, being located in the middle stretch of the Loire River, in central France. It is considered the “Cradle of the French Language” and the “Garden of France” due to the abundance of fantastic vineyards, fruit orchards, artichoke and asparagus fields. The valley is also remarkable for its historic towns and architecture. In 2000, UNESCO declared the central part of the Loire River as a World Heritage Site. It is a spectacular place to visit while on a holiday in France. A spectacular way to discover this area is on a bike. If you are a lover of sports and nature, combine these into a fantastic biking tour in the Loire Valley! There is a trail made up of country paths and small roads all along the valley. During the tour, you will have the occasion to admire the wonderful landscapes, picturesque villages and towns.


The Loire biking trail


The Loire biking season runs from April to October. The point during the tour is to slow down and enjoy the spectacular landscapes and scenic villages and towns. The trail is characterized by mainly flat or slightly hilly terrain. There are several package tours that fit every visitor’s preference. Dozens of natural and cultural attractions can be seen during the biking tour in the Loire Valley, such as the Chateau de Villandry, the Fontevraud Abbeye Royale, several vineyards and wine tasting locations, the towns of Amboise, Montrichard, Blois and so on.


Biking in the Loire Valley, photo by celesteh/flickr


Package Tours


There are numerous cycling tours in the Loire Valley. One of these is the Loire Valley cycling tour around Chenonceau  and Beauval zoo which is a 65 km tour. This is a five day bike tour which is perfect for wildlife lovers. Bikers have the occasion to discover Chenonceau, the “Ladies Chateau” and cycle to the Beauval zoo, which is home to the largest collection of animals in France. As for the accommodation, you can choose a chateau-hotel room overlooking the Cher River Valley. Another fantastic tour is the Loire Valley cycling tour along the Loire River, from Orleans to Blois with stop at Chambord. It is a 100 km long tour. This is also a five day bike tour and it is recommended for nature lovers in search of spectacular castles. From Orleans, bikers will pedal on the official “Loire à Vélo” trail and spot some of the most endangered bird species in the world. The tour continues towards Blois. After a tour of the Royal Castle, a spectacular jewel of French architecture, bikers can have dinner in a Michelin restaurant. The tour continues with a cycle to Chambord, the most beautiful castle in the Loire Valley. It also offers rooms for accommodation. If you love castles, the Loire Valley cycling tour around the Chateaux of Amboise, Chenonceau and Chambord is the perfect choice for you! It is a 116 km tour and includes highlights such as the beautiful chateaus of Amboise and Blois, true survey of French architecture, Chenonceau Castle and the fantastic Chambord Castle.


Biker in the Loire Valley, photo by celesteh/flickr


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