A foodie’s guide to Paris

The French know their way around a kitchen, and French cuisine is acknowledged as one  of the most mouth-watering national cuisines in the world. There is a world of French dishes that can instantly send a passionate foodie into fits of glee, even if some of them might seem a bit strange to people who like their cooking a bit more tame. French dishes are daring, imaginative and full of the most interesting flavors, and one of the best places to experience the world of French cuisine is the French capital. Paris is rife with high-end restaurants, little neighborhood eateries and bistro and ethnic restaurants that serve delicacies from all over the planet, with a French twist. Here’s a foodie’s guide to Paris, for those who like to keep their stomachs happy.


Bistro in Le Marais, photo by Richard Taylor

One of the most traditional and authentic types of French dining experiences can be had in a small bistro, especially the ones in the parts of the city that is usually less frequented by tourists. Bistros capture the charm of Parisian life with all its quirks and specificities, and the dishes served up at these places cater to simpler tastes. Parisian bistros are great places to find traditional dishes, like a good cassoulet or a quiche, for affordable prices. Many bistros have a set daily menu, which makes it easier to order if you don’t speak French.


Patisseries are a must for everyone visiting Paris, foodie or not. French pastry shops usually have a wide array of both sweet and savory pastries, sandwiches, cakes, and the ubiquitous baguettes and croissants. If you just want to get your breakfast fix you can step into a patisserie and you won’t go wrong with a nice, buttery croissant, but if you want something more special there are lots of luxury patisseries that can accommodate you. Dig into a box o macaroons from Pain de Sucre, or sink your teeth into a lovely eclair from the Parisserie des Reves.

Ethnic Food

photo by avlxyz on Flickr

Ethnic food is a big hit with young Parisians, and there are few cuisines on the planet that you can’t try in Paris. The Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement has lots of great restaurants and fast foods, but for some amazing hand-stretched noodles pop into Les Pâtes Vivantes in Montmartre. The Moroccan food in Paris is the best in the world (save for Morocco), and if you want to try ethnic food in Paris, make sure you try some Moroccan chow. Chez Omar on Rue de Bretagne in the 3rd arrondissement is an institution, always crowded and always worth the wait.

Luxury restaurants

There are more luxury restaurants in Paris than one could count, and although they will definitely take a toll on your funds, eating at least once in a fancy Parisian restaurant is something that should be done at least once in a lifetime. The food prepared by famous Parisian chefs is simply divine and divine-looking. The dainty, carefully arranged dishes will make you sigh in bliss.

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