A guide to Marseille’s nightlife

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Nightclubs, cafes and bars might seem like an recent invention, but as longe as there have been cities and towns, there have been places where people could go out for a drink, a chat or some music and dance. And seeing as Marseille is officially the oldest city in France, we can safely assume that it has had plenty of practice at building up an exciting nightlife. Add the fact that Marseille is a port city and sailors have reputation for knowing how to have fun, and you can already guess that Marseille’s nightlife will be something to remember. If you are in the mood for a drink in France’s old port city, here is a guide to Marseille’s nightlife.

Le Bar de la Marine

Rumor has it that Marseille’s most famous writer, Marcel Pagnol, set some of the most famous scenes in his work in le Bar de la Marine, but film fans will definitely recognize this cozy little bar from the British film Love Actually,  where one of the most romantic scenes in the movie take place. The bar is just as welcoming as it seems on the screen, and there’s a nice terrace where you can enjoy the breeze. The decor is stylishly outdated, but the music is new and fresh.

Le Crystal

photo by Ophelia photos on Flickr

The old port has many cafes and bars where you can stop your wanderings in the old part of the town and rest a bit, or even while away the entire evening, but Le Crystal is the best of them, that much is certain. Le Crystal is has a very fifties styel decor, but it is one of the most fashionable spots in town, and claims to have the best mojitos in town, so you’d better try them!

Le Canebière

Le Canebière has no claims to greatness, but it is the kind of welcoming, unpretentious spot that ingratiates itself with locals and tourists alike. It has a nice terrace and during the day it functions more as a brasserie than a bar. However, la Le Canebière is open until 2 in the morning, and it is a good place to catch up on local gossip and meet a few locals or tourists.

Le Trolleybus

photo by chloester on Flickr

If you want a more intense, club-like atmosphere, head to the Trolleybus, situated in a 17th century building that used to be an arms warehouse. This club has been around for over two decades, and it knows how to please a wide variety of clientele. There are four rooms in the club, Whiskybar, Trollybar, Terminus and Abribus, each with their different mixes of music.


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