A visitor guide to Colmar

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The scenic little village of Colmar is notable for its well-preserved historic town centre and buildings. It is home to dozens of outstanding landmarks (all are architectural jewels) and its fantastic museums. The commune is situated in the beautiful region of Alsace, being one of its most picturesque destinations. The beautiful commune of Colmar was founded in the 9th century. A visit to this tiny commune makes surely a great holiday. If you visit Strasbourg, take your time and make that almost 65 km way to Colmar. You surely won’t be disappointed. This visitor guide to Colmar might come in handy. I suggest you to read it before traveling to the scenic commune.

Religious buildings

There are numerous beautiful churches in the commune of Colmar. St Martin’s Church is the largest and perhaps most beautiful church in the commune. The beautiful church includes outstanding Renaissance and Gothic sculptures, some magnificent stained glass windows, beautiful altars and an immense Baroque organ. Due to its immense size, the church is named by many the Colmar Cathedral. Other notable churches are Église Saint-Matthieu, Église des Dominicains, the Synagogue and others.

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Colmar is home to numerous fantastic museums which are absolutely worth visiting. The most significant museums are the following: the Bartholdi Museum, the Unterlinden Museum and the Museum of Natural History and Ethnography. The Bartholdi Museum is actually the birthplace of Frédéric Bartholdi. It contains objects relating to his life and work, such as furniture, paintings, sculptures and others. One of the most important museums of Alsace, the Unterlinden Museum is another popular visitor attraction of Colmar. It houses an immense collection of sculptures, paintings and archaeological artefacts dating from the medieval era through the Renaissance and Baroque period.

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Secular buildings

As I already mentioned it, the commune is famous for being home to some well-preserved secular buildings. Some of the most spectacular buildings are the following: the Maison Pfister which was built in 1537, the Maison Adolph which dates from the 14th century, the beautiful Maison des Têtes which was built in German Renaissance style in 1609, the Maison des Chevaliers de Saint-Jean which was built in 1608 and others. A tour in the commune will surely be an unforgettable experience. It is like making some steps back in the past.

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Monuments and fountains

Besides the beautiful churches, fantastic museums and breathtaking secular buildings, Colmar also houses numerous gorgeous monuments and fountains. Some of the most notable monuments are the Statue “Les grands soutiens du monde”, the Monument Hirn, and the Monument du Général Rapp. The most beautiful fountains are the Fontaine Roeselmann and the Fontaine de l’Amiral Bruat. Most of the previously mentioned monuments and fountains are works of Bartholdi.

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