Attend the best fall festivals in Provence

Vaison la Romaine products, photo by jean-louis zimmermann/Flickr

Autumn has arrived, but the weather is still fine. It is the perfect time to organize a holiday to France! Provence, one of the most beautiful regions of France has so many things to offer to the visitors. Besides the fantastic cultural and natural attractions of Provence, there are also numerous things to do here. Some of these are the fantastic fall festivals which are held in the region. These festivals include the following: the Ventoux Nature Flavours, the Soup Festival held in Vaison la Romaine, the Ancient Music Festival of Avignon, the Journées (also held at Vaison la Romaine), the Parcours de l’Art of Avignon and so on.


Ventoux Nature Flavours

This fantastic festival is held between the 21st of September and the 21st of October. The 30-days festival is the perfect time to celebrate autumn in picturesque region. The region of Ventoux is full of delicious products, such as grapes, almonds, cherries, mushrooms, black truffles and so on. You can taste all these fantastic local products and meet friendly local people. The festival includes several events, such as the mushroom festival, the Muscat grape festival and so on.

Mont Ventoux, photo by abrocke/Flickr

Soup Festival

Held in Vaison la Romaine, the festival takes place between the 15th of October and the 20th of November. This great festival is already 22 years old. There are held competitions during which traditional recipes are used in preparing the soups. Local people prepare delicious soups during the evenings of the event and these are graded by a jury. Then, the visitors are also invited to taste the soups. They spend the evening together, having fun.

Ancient Music Festival

Held between the 30th September and the 31st of October, the Ancient Music Festival attracts a large number of visitors. In 2012 it was held the 13th festival in the town of Avignon. There are great concerts held during this festival. The presented works date from the 14th century. If you would like to attend this fantastic festival, you can buy your ticket at the Avignon Opéra-Théâtre.

Avignon, photo by hsivonen/Flickr


Also named Journées Gourmandes (“Delicious Days”), this great festival simply can not be missed. It takes place each year, between the 26th and 28th of October. Producers and growers meet the visitors at Vaison la Romaine during the two-day festival to present their products. There are several events organized during the festival, such as cooking lessons, demonstrations, tasting and so on. The Journées is undoubtedly a great festival for gourmets.

Vaison la Romaine products, photo by jean-louis zimmermann/Flickr

Parcours de l’Art

This festival is held in the town of Avignon, between the 6th and the 25th of October. The venues of the event are art galleries, museums, restaurants, shops and so on. During the festival there are presented exhibits, organized meetings and conferences and also guided tours.


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