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Ratatoiulle, photo by sabotrax/Flickr

Visiting Nice on your holiday? It is the best choice, as there are numerous attractions and things to do in this wonderful and popular city. Nice is the fifth most populous city in France, also a beautiful coastal city. The city is the capital of the Alpes Maritimes department, having some spectacular attractions, such as museums, a theatre, concert halls, an opera house, beautiful squares, cathedrals and churches. Visiting a city doesn’t mean visiting only the attractions, you will also have to sleep and eat somewhere. I am sure that many visitors search for good, but cheap restaurants during their vacations. To help you find the best cheap eats in Nice, there will be presented in the following article the best restaurants which are easy on the wallet.


Le 22 Septembre


It is a hidden restaurant, on the first side street on the rue Rossetti. The tiny restaurant has been serving delicious Normand food at low prices for 20 years. The ambience is not as pleasant as it is in the following restaurants, but you will surely forget about it once the food arrives. English menu is also available at Le 22 Septembre Restaurant, they serve menu for only 15€ and 18€. Le 22 Septembre is open only for dinner.


La Rossettisserie


Located off the Place Rossetti, near the Cathedral, it is a lovely restaurant where they serve a unique selection of roasted meats with potato and ratatouille. The food is very delicious and surprisingly cheap, as it comes with an excellent salad starter for just 14.50€. Lunch and dinner are also served here. It is important to mention that reservations are recommended. If you make a reservation, you should specify if you want a private table or the long communal table. Having dinner at the communal table is a spectacular occasion for tourists who like to make new friends during their holidays.


Ratatoiulle, photo by sabotrax/Flickr


Chez Palmyre


It is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It was run by the cooperation of a mother-daughter team since 1926 until the mother died and her daughter decided to finally retire. The actual owner keeps the friendly, familiar ambiance and low prices, while the chef, raises grandma’s old restaurant to something fantastic. It is located on the rue Droite. It is a tiny small restaurant, but unfortunately they don’t have website. The menu is varied, changing daily and lunch or dinner are also available, for the price of just 15€.




The bar is a great Champagne bar which can be found on the rue de la Loge, in the Old Town of Nice. They serve delicious champagnes, gourmet dishes and wines. The prices are very low, and there are some great so called “formulas” one of which is the 19€ “formula” that includes 2 glasses of Spanish wine, 3 appetizer verrines, 12 sushi-s, and 3 dessert verrines. The phone number for the reservation can be found on their website.


Chez Pipo


Chez Pipo can be found in the Port, on the rue Bavastro. All locals say that the best socca in Nice is served at Chez Pipo. Socca is the traditional and very delicious French peasant snack, which is similar to chick pea pancake. You will surely eat well for the price of only 10€ per head. The restaurant is very popular in Nice. You can not make reservations, so it is recommended to go there early.


Socca, photo by HerryLawford/Flickr

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