Budget tips for visitors in Paris

The Jardin des Tuileries dalbera/Flickr

The Jardin des Tuileries ©dalbera/Flickr

Paris is not only one of the world’s most attractive and most popular tourist destinations, it is also one of the most expensive. With some of the world’s premier tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and expensive hotels and restaurants, the city is a luxurious destination. If you would like to visit Paris, but you have limited budget, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present some budget tips for visitors in Paris. In the followings I will present you free museums and other kind of attractions, second-hand shops, cheap bars and eateries, theatres on budget and free attractions for the whole family.

Free museums and sights

Besides the numerous attractions which require expensive entry fees, there are several free attractions in Paris, too. These include numerous fantastic museums, too. Some of the best ones are: Musée Carnavalet, Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace, the Atelier Brancusi, Musée Edith Piaf, Musée Cernuschi, Musée de la Vie Romantique, Village Suisse, the Palais de Luxembourg and so on.

The Musée Carnavalet Carles Tomás Martí/Fl ickr

The Musée Carnavalet ©Carles Tomás Martí/Fl ickr

Cheap eateries and bars

Eating in the gourmet capital of the world doesn’t need to cost the earth. There are great places in Paris for those with small budgets, but big appetite. Some of the best cheap restaurants, cafés and bars are: Foyer de la Madeleine, Le Baratin, Le Hide, Breizh Café, Le Bambou, La Madonnina, Aux Folies, La Cordonnerie, La Fourmi and so on.

Second-hand shops

Besides the high brand stores which sell expensive clothes and accessories, there are numerous cheap second-hand shops in Paris. If you love to go shopping to second-hand shops, choose of the following ones: Madame de, Sissi’s Corner, Lorette et Jasmin, Vintage 77, Chine Machine, Chercheminippes and so on. You will find in these shops not only clothes, but furniture, household items and others, too. Besides, bargain-hunting is cheaper and more fun.

Budget theatres

Although there are numerous expensive theatres and other kind of venues in Paris, there are some cheap ones, too. If you sign up for a season or get a membership, you will get discounts. For instance members’ seats cost €13 instead of €22 at the Théâtre Gérard Philipe. You can also buy a theatre card. This way you can also save money.

Entrance of the Père Lachaise Cemetery solaris girl/Flickr

Entrance of the Père Lachaise Cemetery ©solaris girl/Flickr

Free attractions for the whole family

Are you planning a journey with the whole family? You will have to find some entertainment options for the kids, too. If you would like to make your kids happy, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, choose of the following sights. From gardens and parks to child-friendly museums and galleries, Paris offers numerous free sights for the kids. Some of the best ones are: 104, Parc de la Villette, Jardin des Tuileries and so on.

The Jardin des Tuileries dalbera/Flickr

The Jardin des Tuileries ©dalbera/Flickr



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