Buying antiques in Versailles

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The Palace of Versailles is one of the most popular landmarks in France, and one that people from all over the world come to see. The resplendent royal residence built by Louis XIV was built nearĀ  a very small village at the time, but thanks to the royalty and nobles who spent their time at the castle, Versailles became a whole city that eventually became part of the Ile de France metropolis. Versailles has quite a few historical and cultural attractions even outside the palace, and many nice restaurants, parks and even places to go for a night out. But another particularity of the city is its high number of antique shops and galleries. If you are interested in antiques, buying antiques in Versailles is definitely something to consider.

The Antique Dealers District, Corner of rue Ducis and rue Pourvoirie

Versailles has a whole district dedicated to antique vendors, collectively called Les Antiquaires de la Geole – the jail antique dealers – not because of any illegal pursuits but because they are located in a passage next to the 18th century Hotel de Baillage, the former district court. There are over 50 antique vendors in the collective, all scattered in the hotel buildings and the adjacent courtyards. You can find all sorts of antiques in these shops, all originals and all exceptionally preserved. If you are wary of hunting for antiques in flea markets, then you can visit the Antique District for certainty’s sake. You can find large items like period furniture, as well as small pieces like books, art, jewelry and even armor and weapons.

L’Armoire de Camille

photo by besopha

If you are interested in furniture, l’Armoire de Camille has a huge selection of furniture from different periods, and not only will they help you find what you are looking for, but also give you advice about home decoration (the shop and the interior decoration business has been featured in prominent French magazines). The shop also sells unique decorations, as well as a small selection of delicious jams, sweets and cakes.

Le Roi Soleil

Le Roi Soleil is a gallery specializing in Chinese and Japanese antiques, but also on promoting a style of decorating that pleasantly combines European and Asian styles.The gallery has an extensive number of objects and furniture on display, some very old and some new, but all of them works of art. If you are planning on furnishing an entire room, they can help you pick out pieces that go together.

Arlette Robineau, Rue Ramea

Arlette Robineau’s antique shops has quite a few pieces of small furniture in stock, but the most eye-catching objects on sale seem to be the miniatures on ivory and the silver pieces. If you want to buy something small to take home with you on the plane, then you can definitely find some unique souvenirs at this shop.

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