Cheap Flights from Houston to Paris

Cheap flights from Houston to Paris

The average rate of a flight from Houston to Paris is $1,550. By booking a IAH-PAR flight travelers can get an average 9 thousand award miles. A flight from Houston to Paris will be some $1,546 in low season whilst it gets as high as $1,593 during high travel season. Interesting fact that the lowest price ever found for the same route is $651, it was a US Airways flight found by our visitors on But the lowest rate discovered in the last 12 months is also good, just $880 r/t for a Air Mobility Command flight found for April 2012 on Faregeek.

The ideal time to take a flight from Houston to Paris

High season is during June to early-September in Paris and because of this flights will most likely become much more expensive then with rates getting as high as $1,593. Assuming that you happen to be hunting for better rates, it is smart if you depart in November to February, for low season, because at that time airlines tickets are usually a lot cheaper. We believe that altogether the ideal time to fly to the city from Houston is between seasons, in March to May and late-September to October.

Helpful info about cheap flights from Houston to Paris

  • Houston is linked to 172 various airports in total.
  • The area of Paris has got 3 airports, that are Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly and Beauvais-Tillé Airport.
  • The shortest flight starting from Paris is just 132 miles long and arrives to Caen.
  • The medium distance for a flight between Houston and Paris is 4,958 miles (7,979 kilometers) so you should count on a usual 14 hours and 37 minutes trip.
  • Remember that Paris is situated in the Europe/Paris time zone.