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To finally find cheap flights to Paris, for a start it is important to look on many travel search engines to compare their rates and pick the lowest one. At all times look at additional airports in the region, for rates are likely to be different; if you travel to the city, enter all: Charles De Gaulle, Paris Orly and Beauvais Tille to find out which of them is the cheapest to fly to. It is good to know that it is usually much cheaper to travel on weekdays even more so if you decide to remain for a Saturday, thus you can save money and can spend time to visit the best places of the area. It is simple to look for cheap flights to all airports in Paris with one search if you enter PAR, the generic IATA airport code of the area.

The right time to leave to Paris

The popular season in Paris is throughout June to early-September, which means livelier places, quite likely enjoyable weather and also a lot of events but altogether quite a lot of visitors, crowds and bigger costs. As opposed to this, off season takes place during November to February, which usually means cheaper goods, a lot less visitors, but it also brings some unfavorable circumstances, for instance less suitable activities or unpleasant weather. Knowing the above we believe that overall the most convenient season to head to Paris would be somewhere between the two, somewhere around March to May and late-September to October.

Practical info concerning Paris and the flights going there

  • Paris has got regular connections with quite many different airports everywhere, 297 to be precise.
  • Charles De Gaulle, the most popular airport in the city, is 14.7 miles away from the city.
  • Currently some 2.139 million people live in Paris, France.
  • The city is situated in the GMT+0 time zone, so, depending on your departure, you could endure jet-lag.
  • The shortest flight links the city with Brussels and the flight is 149 miles long.
  • Air France has got the most prolonged airfare arriving to the city; the airplane is taking off in Santiago.

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