Child-friendly destinations on France

Waterslide bradleygee/Flickr

Waterslide ©bradleygee/Flickr

If you are looking for a wonderful country which also houses child-friendly destinations, I suggest you to choose France. It is a fantastic country, owning some outstanding visitor attractions and tourist destinations. There are hundreds of fantastic natural and cultural sights which are with no doubt worth visiting.

Museums, art galleries, national park, beaches, historic monuments, cathedrals and other sights…but all of these are attractive for the adults. What about the kids? France has to offer them spectacular attractions and destinations, too. Are you interested in these? In order to find out which are the best child-friendly destinations in France, all you have to do is to read the following guide.

St. Avit Loisirs

It is with no doubt one of the most exclusive child-friendly destinations of France. St. Avit Loisirs in Dordogne offers excellent accommodation and facilities to its guests. With its fantastic tropical-style indoor swimming pool, the resort attracts dozens of tourists every year. If you choose this resort, you will surely be amazed by the luxury accommodation which includes family tents for example.

The adults can practice different outdoor activities like mini-golf or football, watch the cabaret shows or go to the disco. As for the children, there is a fantastic Kids’ club here. Some great activities dedicated to the little ones are different games, treasure hunting and face painting. They will surely love it.

Waterslide bradleygee/Flickr

Waterslide ©bradleygee/Flickr

Le Clarys Plage

Situated in Vendee, the fantastic Le Clarys Plage is the ultimate destination for a perfect family holiday. With its great complex of pools it is a dream location for every kid. It includes both indoor and outdoor pools and even fantastic waterslides. There is even a Jacuzzi dedicated for the adults.

As for the entertainment of the children, there is a fantastic play area and they organize different activities for all ages, not to mention the games room. Besides, dogs are welcome so you won’t have to leave your pet at the neighbors.   

Waterslide for children gvgoebel/Flickr

Waterslide for children ©gvgoebel/Flickr

Bonne Anse Plage

Bonne Anse Plage can be found in the Charente Maritime region of the country. It is considered one of the southern region’s most popular tourist destinations. Besides, it is a fantastic place to go to with the kids. They offer great activities and facilities for children of all ages. The kids’ clubs are the following: Bubbles dedicated to children of 1 to 4 years old, Pirate Club for kids of 5 to 9 years old and Barracudas for those of 10 to 14 years old.

L’Etang de la Breche

Located in Saumur, L’Etang de la Breche is another great destination for families who are traveling with children. With spectacular waterslides, children’s pool, a playground and an excellent play area, it is with no doubt a dream destination for every kid. As for the adults, they are offered great activities, including mini-golf, tennis, football, basketball and even horse-riding or biking.

Swimming pool fun Flikkesteph/Flickr

Swimming pool fun ©Flikkesteph/Flickr



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