Discover the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris

Moulin Rouge

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For the cabaret-lovers who visit Paris, Moulin Rouge (French for red mill) is the perfect place. It has opened its doors to the public on the 6thof October, 1889. The two establishers of it were Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler. They nicknamed the cabaret The First Palace of Women (“Le Premier Palais des Femmes”). Moulin Rouge gained its fame for being the place where men could watch young ladies practicing, among other dances, the can-can. We could name it the birthplace of the modern can-can, because this type of dance was more like a lewd dance performed by courtesans for their clients. At the beginning Moulin Rouge was known as a bawdy place, although the first years were marked by extravagant shows of which themes were inspired by the milieu of the circus. Now is the time for you to discover the famous Moulin Rouge with us.

History of Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge, photo by kylescollin on

As I mentioned, it was founded in 1889. At that time Charles Zidler was the music hall’s manager. In 1890 Moulin Rouge was visited by the Prince of Wales himself, the future Edward VII. In 1893 a show named “Bal de Quat’zarts” caused a scandal because of a nude Cleopatra surrounded by other naked women. Unfortunately, Charles Zidler died in 1897, so the Moulin Rouge closed its doors for the first time for his funeral. By 1900 the cabaret had visitors from all the five continents. Until the First World War it became a real sanctuary of operetta. On the 27thof February 1915 the Moulin Rouge was destroyed by fire. After it was rebuilt, it finally reopened in 1921.

The fame of Moulin Rouge

What could proof better the fame of the cabaret that it has served as inspiration for many paintings, posters, designs, books or movies. And besides, I am sure that everyone heard about Moulin Rouge, about those beautiful girls, the fancy clothes with lots of feathers and the well-known can-can dance.

Visiting Moulin Rouge

Dancers in Moulin Rouge

Dancers in Moulin Rouge, photo by prostay on

The music hall is located in the district of Pigalle, on Boulevard of Clichy. You cannot confuse it, because it has a huge red windmill on its roof. Nowadays it is a tourist attraction and it is still very popular for adult visitors. The shows include more than 100 performers dressed in extravagant costumes that include for example lots of feathers or rhinestones. You can choose of several different shows. You can also have dinner during the performance. The prices are around 100-150 Euros. Even if you don’t want to make a reservation for a nightly show, you can not miss to take a photograph of the big red mill if you are in Paris.

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