Discover the fantastic Languedoc-Roussillon region

Nimes Arena lorentey/Flickr

Nimes Arena ©lorentey/Flickr

Situated in the south-eastern part of France, the wonderful Languedoc-Roussillon region is one of the country’s several administrative regions. Its main urban travel destinations are the following: Nîmes, Montpellier and Carcassonne. Besides, there are numerous spectacular tourist attractions in the region. Whether you travel with your family or you are a young adventurous traveler, you will surely find at least one sight which suits your preferences. From caves to wildlife parks, from aquariums to gardens, the area is abundant in visitor attractions. If you would like to discover the fantastic Languedoc-Roussillon region, read the following guide before traveling.


Nîmes is one of the most beautiful historic towns of France. There are several gorgeous sights in and around the city which date back in the Roman times. Due to this fact Nîmes is an extremely popular tourist destination. The most spectacular sights of the city include the following: the Roman amphitheatre, the Jardins de la Fontaine, the Maison Carrée, the cathedral, the Pont du Gard and so on.

Nimes Arena lorentey/Flickr

Nimes Arena ©lorentey/Flickr


Another fascinating city of the region of Languedoc-Roussillon is Carcassonne. It used to be a fortified town, playing a significant historic role. The most beautiful landmarks of the city are the Fortress of Carcassonne, the Pont Vieux, the cathedral, the Basilica of St. Nazaire and St. Celse and others. If you love to visit historic cities, you can not miss Carcassonne.

Carcassonne Fortress hsivonen/Flickr

Carcassonne Fortress ©hsivonen/Flickr

Gardens and parks

If you are a nature-lover willing to visit picturesque gardens and parks, the region is the perfect destination for you! Some of the most beautiful parks and gardens of Languedoc-Roussillon are the following: The scented garden, Le Jardin de Saint Adrien, La Bambouseraie and Le Jardin de Sambucs. Some are gardens, while others are parks and botanical gardens. There are also some gardens which are inscribed on the list of France’s “Remarkable gardens”.


Do you prefer adventure? The region’s caves are perfect for the adventurous travelers. The area is considered one of the country’s richest regions in caves of which 15 are open to the public. If you are searching for the most beautiful ones, choose Trabuc, Aven Armand, the Canalettes, Dargilan or Fontrabiouse.

Dargilan Cave Philip Larson/Flickr

Dargilan Cave ©Philip Larson/Flickr

Adventure parks

In case you are traveling with your children, going to an adventure park is the best way to make them enjoy the vacation, too. There are several outdoor adventure parks spread all over the region. Some of the best ones are the following: Au Pays de Carrioles, Le Vallon de Villaret, Utopix, “The Maquelone Labyrinth” and others.


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