Elegant things you should do in France


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Ooh yes, I know France is pretty much a synonym for elegance, they have French cuisine, wines, some of the best fashion designers – my personal favorite, Dior among them – and so on and so forth. And the very best thing is that these things come naturally to them, it is just a part of French lifestyle.

There are of course, more costly and luxurious things to do, it all depends of the budget you have at your disposition. Just to give you a taste of French lifestyle, here are a few elegant things to do in France, some are more costly, others less, but they are all French so you must try them if you have the chance.

Visit French Casinos


Casino ©http2007/Flickr

One of the ultimate classy thing to do in France is to visit some French casinos while in the country. Imagine the glamour, the luxury, the famous and/or rich people you might meet at such an establishment…  It is a nice way to feel, well… French. Even if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can try with a few chips, just for the sake of the feeling. 😉

Taste French Cuisine

Polidor Restaurant, Paris

Polidor Restaurant ©austinevan/Flickr

French cuisine being world famous, you can find French restaurants all over the world, the original is always best. So if you are in Paris, and your budget is quite free,  you should try some of its best restaurants, such as  Le Maurice, L’Astrance, Huitrerie Regis and so on.

But don’t worry, you can eat amazing food even if you are not a Rockefeller… go to Chartier, Chez Gladines or Hamingway’s  once favorite, Polidor, just to mention a few Paris budget restaurants of great quality.

Don’t miss French wines and cheeses

French cheese

French cheese ©WordRidden/Flickr

These are the two things you can do basically everywhere in the country. There is a tremendous amount of wine cellars and wine tasting places everywhere and all restaurants and bistros have great collections of wines.

With the cheese it is basically the same, you can get amazing cheese anywhere you go. Do not miss some of the most famous types characteristic to France like Camembert, Brie, Roquefort, Boursin – the list is pretty long.

So… what is it that attracts you the most about French lifestyle? I think I would rather go for the cuisine and cheese+wine combo, but there are, of course, so many things to experience in the amazing country…



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