Guide to Lyon’s nightlife

Wine at the Red Room, Lyon SRL Jester/Flickr

Wine at the Red Room, Lyon ©SRL Jester/Flickr

Lyon is an excellent tourist destination. It is home to numerous landmarks and tourist attractions, being one of the most attractive cities of France. The gastronomical capital of France is also a great destination for those looking for good nightlife scenes. It is a city which never sleeps, offering endless entertainment possibilities. The city offers something for all tastes, ages and styles. From clubs to nightclubs, from cocktail bars to wine bars and dancing restaurants to comedy clubs, Lyon offers a large variety of nightlife scenes. In case you are planning a visit to Lyon and you are interested in the best nightlife spots of the city, read the following guide to Lyon’s nightlife.


Are you looking for great dancefloors? You’ll find some fantastic ones in Lyon, whatever your music style would be. Just put on your best clothes and go for a wild night in one of the best clubs of Lyon. You can choose of the following: Terminal, L’Alibi, Le Palace Club, First Revolution, Pub 80, Le Black and White, The Sound Factory, Red Room, La Grange Au Bouc and so on.

Wine at the Red Room, Lyon SRL Jester/Flickr

Wine at the Red Room, Lyon ©SRL Jester/Flickr

Beer bars and pubs

Do you love to go to pubs with your friends? Lyon has on offer a large variety of beer bars and pubs. There are numerous English and Irish pubs in the city, offering friendly atmosphere to their guests. Some of the best beer bars and pubs of the city are the following: Gonzo Bar, Le Complexe du Rire, Le Baryton, The King Arthur, Georgia, Pub Danois, Le 42, Le Charles and so on.

Irish bar in Lyon DaffyDuke/Flickr

Irish bar in Lyon ©DaffyDuke/Flickr

Comedy clubs

Do you love to watch comedy shows? Lyon has numerous great comedy clubs on offer. If you would like to laugh a lot, visit any of Lyon’s comedy clubs. You’ll meet great characters at Le Boui Boui, Le Rideau Rouge, La Comédie Odéon, Le Repaire De La Comédie Café Théâtre, Espace Gercon Café- Théâtre Humour and so on. You’ll surely have a great time.

Dancing restaurants

Lyon also offers a large selection of restaurants offering shows, cabarets and dancing. You will surely not get bored while waiting for your order.

Le Papagayo, Mi Barrio, Oh Paradis, Ane Rouge, Imagine “Le Cirque Autrement”, Docks 40, Le Taka, Le B7, La Belle Equipe and Le Monte Cristo Club are just some of the best-known such restaurants in Lyon. Choose any of it and you’ll surely have a great time while eating delicious meals.

Restaurant in Lyon amsfrank/Flickr

Restaurant in Lyon ©amsfrank/Flickr


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