Local transportation in Paris

Paris sightseeing bus roger.salz/Flickr

Paris sightseeing bus ©roger.salz/Flickr

As Paris is a huge city, it is important to use the right means of transportation to get around easily and fast. There are numerous ways to get around Paris, ranging from using metros to getting on buses, from trams to boats and from RERs to renting bicycles. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find a way to visit Paris’ attractions. There are so many sights in Paris which are worth visiting that you have to pay attention to choose the right means of transportation to get everywhere. If you would like to find out more about the local transportation in Paris, read the following article before traveling. I am sure it will help you when you will go sightseeing in this magnificent city.


Such a huge city like Paris needs with no doubt several well developed metro lines. There are 16 metro lines traversing Paris which make this means of transportation one of the most popular and fastest way to get from one point to another. The lines have different colors, so it will be easy to find the right line on a metro map even if you don’t speak French. All you have to do is to find the station you are at and the station you are traveling to. If you stay a couple of days in this fascinating city, it is better to buy a so called “carnet” which includes 10 tickets. It is cheaper than buying a single ticket than buying others. You can also buy International Visitors Cards which are perfect for foreign visitors. It is the cheapest method to get around Paris.

Paris metro ChrisYunker/Flickr

Paris metro ©ChrisYunker/Flickr


There are several buses in Paris. You will find one at every corner and you can get almost everywhere using this means of transportation. The tickets you buy for a metro are the same with the ones used on buses. If you buy a ticket on board the bus, you can not use it on a metro, but if you buy a “t+” ticket, you can use it on a metro or a different bus for up to one and half an hour.

Paris sightseeing bus roger.salz/Flickr

Paris sightseeing bus ©roger.salz/Flickr


A romantic and memorable way to go sightseeing is by boat. It is called Batobus and it stops eight times along the Seine. The stops are actually the major visitor attractions reachable from the Seine, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Orsay Museum and others. A one-day pass costs 11 euros which is a quite good price for such a fantastic experience.

Paris Batobus Hello Paris/Flickr

Paris Batobus ©Hello Paris/Flickr


If you prefer to make some workout exercises get on a bicycle. It is very easy to cycle around Paris. If there is no dedicated bicycle lane, you can still use the dedicated taxi or bus lanes. You will surely enjoy the sightseeing tour by bicycle. It is an absolutely great way to get around Paris.


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