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Le Cordon Bleu in Paris LCBGlenn/Flickr

Le Cordon Bleu in Paris ©LCBGlenn/Flickr

France is famous for its cuisine. If you are a gourmet traveler, don’t miss the restaurants of Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Especially the ones of Paris are very popular among gourmet visitors. Besides eating delicious meals and desserts, you can also learn how to prepare some French dishes at any of France’s cooking schools. Take cooking classes in Paris for instance. They are some of the best in the entire country. Le Cordon Bleu, the Ecole Lenôtre, La Cuisine de Marie-Blanche and the Ritz-Escoffier School of French Gastronomy are just four of the best cooking schools of Paris. Take cooking classes at any of it and you’ll surely make yourself some great experience.

Le Cordon Bleu

The oldest private cooking school of Paris is the fantastic Le Cordon Bleu. It was founded in 1895 and it is very popular among those who are interested in taking cooking classes. The school also has an international reputation of which clientele makes up 92% of foreigners.

The teaching method of the school consists of demonstration sessions held by renowned master chefs. These demonstrations are followed by practical sessions in small groups, all supervised by one of the chefs. Amateur gourmets and professional cookers are welcome at the same time.

Le Cordon Bleu in Paris LCBGlenn/Flickr

Le Cordon Bleu in Paris ©LCBGlenn/Flickr

The Ecole Lenôtre

Just like the first one, the Ecole Lenôtre also welcomes both amateur gourmets and professionals at the same time. The school offers a large selection of courses for the students. These include courses relating to cooking, baking, pastries, catering, desserts, oenology, coffee and cheese.

Most courses last for one-half day or three to four days. The school is located about 17 miles west of Paris, but it is worth making the distance. You’ll gain some great skills here.

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Bouillabaisse ©cyclonebill/Flickr

La Cuisine de Marie-Blanche

Princess Marie-Blanche de Broglie of whom the school La Cuisine de Marie-Blanche got its name, was known as an expert in French cuisine. She was also the one who founded the school in 1975.

The cooking classes involve small groups of four to eight people, taking place in the apartment of the Princess. From October to the end of July classes in English are also held in the school. So, if you don’t speak French, this is not an excuse.

The Ritz-Escoffier School of French Gastronomy

Housed in the prestigious Hotel Ritz, the Ritz-Escoffier School of French Gastronomy is also very popular among students. The hotel was opened in 1898 and today it is very famous. The cooking school was opened in 1988. The courses are relating to cooking, pastries, break baking, table service and even wine.

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Daube ©adactio/Flickr

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