Tasting Brittany’s traditional drinks

Breton cider and beer Rhian vK/Flickr

Breton cider and beer ©Rhian vK/Flickr

Situated in the north-western part of France, Brittany (Bretagne) is a magnificent region of the country. It is considered one of the country’s most important cultural and historical regions. Brittany is extremely popular among visitors due to its outstanding visitor attractions, historic towns, numerous beautiful chateaus, megalithic monuments, fantastic festivals, not to mentions its famous gastronomy. As Brittany presents a long coastline, seafood is usual in the region. As for the drinks, cider, lambig (eau de vie), chouchen and beer are the most popular ones.

If you are planning a journey to Brittany and you love to taste traditional drinks in the visited destinations, this article was written to you. Tasting Brittany’s traditional drinks will surely make a great experience.


Called “sistr” or “chistr” in Brittany, cider is largely produced in the region. Bretagne is considered the country’s second largest cider producer area. Cider is actually a fermented fruit juice (traditionally and usually apple juice, but other fruits can also be used). Cider is usually served in a ceramic cup which is known as “bolennad” in Bretagne and “bole” in other parts of France. Most ciders in France are sparkling. If you are in Brittany, make sure to taste this great drink. You can do it at one of the region’s numerous crêperies which are crêpe restaurants. A crêpe is a type of pancake which originates in Brittany.

Breton cider and beer Rhian vK/Flickr

Breton cider and beer ©Rhian vK/Flickr


Lambig is specific to Bretagne. It is actually an apple eau de vie. Eau de vie is a colorless brandy which is characterized by a typical, but light fruit flavor. It is produced by fermentation and double distillation. Eau de vie is also known in other countries, including Germany, Hungary, Romania and so on. It is served as a digestif, being usually drunk after a meal. If you are in Brittany, make sure to taste this fantastic drink.

Eau de vie bottles sashafatcat/Flickr

Eau de vie bottles ©sashafatcat/Flickr


Chouchen is very popular in Brittany. It is produced by a fermenting procedure of honey in water. In Brittany apple juice is added, too. Chouchen is characterized by a pronounced flavor and strong color. If you like honey and apple, you surely can’t go wrong with this aperitif. It is also considered a strong intoxicant. Another similar drink is chufere. It is produced of cider and honey, being delicious, but less popular than chouchen.

Chouchen and cider Martin Burns/Flickr

Chouchen and cider ©Martin Burns/Flickr


This popular cocktail is specific to France. Kir is also produced in Brittany (of blackcurrant liqueur and white wine). There are numerous types of kir of which one is Kir Breton. Kir Breton is made of cider instead of wine. If you love cider, you will surely love kir, too.


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