The best cafes in Strasbourg

photo by Daroczy Laszlo

Many tourists visit Strasbourg for its inimitable historical and cultural attractions, but even if you’re hard set on absorbing as much as possible of a city’s historical and cultural heritage, you still need to stop and rest from time to time. That’s when Strasbourg’s many cafes come in handy. There are lots of pavement cafes, fancy cafes, casual cafes and any other type of cafe you might prefer in Strasbourg, as befitting such a huge city. So take a stroll through Strasbourg’s modern areas or its impossibly beautiful old town, the Grande Île, and have a cuppa in one of the best cafes in Strasbourg.

Café de l’Opéra

photo by Francisco Antunes

If you visit the Strasbourg opera, you can take a breather afterwards at the nearby Café de l’Opéra located in Place Broglie, a charming little cafe where you can eat some of the most delicious pastries in the city. While the hot drinks on the menu are very good, the best drinks you can get here are the fresh fruit juices made on the spot in various fruit combinations.

La Place

Strasbourg has lots of trendy places, but the cafe that attracts the hippest young crowds is La Place on Place the Tripiers. La Place is modern and stylishly quiet, and you can drink coffee or a cold beer until late in the evening, or you can taste the snacks and light foods on the menu, which are delicious.


If you want to drink your coffee in a quiet corner with a retro atmosphere, Troc’café on Faubourg de Saverne street will be the right place for you. This friendly cafe is a meeting place for artists of all kinds, and it’s not unusual to find the guests deep in discussions about art or philosophy. Moreover, there are objects on display in the cafe and you can buy them or barter something of your own for them.

Café Rohan

This cafe gets its name from the nearby Cathédrale de Rohan, one of the most impressive sights in Strasbourg. When the weather is warm, the cafe spreads out to the pavement, and you can drink some coffee or have a bite in the shadow of some great historical attractions. The cafe serves food all day long, and the meals and larger then you expect and very much fit for any gourmet.

Art Café

photo by edwin.11

The Modern Art Museum’s cafe is a delight not only for the appreciators of modern art, but also of those who like fine coffee and snacks. The cafe has one of the best terrace views in the city – you can sip your coffee while looking over the Vauban barrage, the Strasbourg Cathedral and La Petite France are with its timber houses.

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