The best city break destinations in France

Annecy, photo by edwin.11 on Flickr

When you have only a few days to travel, it’s more important than ever to pick the right destination. You will want something really exciting, otherwise you short break will feel like it was wasted, and you need a destination that it just the perfect size to be explored and taken advantage of in a day or two. If you are planning on escaping to France for a city break, there are hundreds of destinations you could choose – there is no one perfect destination, there are several of them! If you want to fill your break with history, culture, cuisine, sights and romanticism, the best city break destinations in France are guaranteed not to disappoint you.

Avignon, Vaucluse

If you prefer to spend your city break by visiting as many historical attractions as you can, then you won’t go wrong with Avignon, one of the most historic cities in France. Avignon is located ont he banks of the Rhone River, and it is famously the home of the largest Gothic building in the world, the Palace of Popes. The city is also famous for its ramparts built in the Middle Ages to keep out the plague. Don’t forget to visit the Le Pont Saint-Benezet, the famous Bridge of Avignon, immortalized by a French popular song.

Annecy, Haute Savoie

Dijon, photo by Patrick Nouhailler on Flickr

France is probably the best country in the world for romantic city breaks – after all, the French could very well be credited with the invention of romance itself! And no other place in France oozes more romance than the small town of Annecy n Haute Savoie. Annecy is the French version of Venice, only less crowded and more fairytale-like.

Dijon, Cote d’Or

France is a paradise for shopping addicts, and not only because many famous designers come from France or choose to work in France. If you want to shop for local goods and delicacies, Dijon is the kind of destination that will make you want to win the lottery just so you can buy all the French mustard, cheeses and blackcurrant liqueurs you want. For lovely fresh local produce and seafood, check out Les Halles, the marketplace.

Poitiers, Vienne

Bordeaux, photo by Paul Arps on Flickr

Sometimes you feel like you need a few days when you can relax completely, far from the crowds and as little noise as possible, while still being able to enjoy the perks of urban life. In this case, Poitiers is perfect: the city is small and very picturesque, and a bit off the beaten path. There is plenty to see in Poitiers, when it comes to small museums and medieval architecture. Try the local specialty, the Montmorillon macarons.

Bordeaux, Gironde

For a gourmet break that will allow you to feast on the best dishes French cuisine can offer, head to Bordeaux, famous worldwide for its exceptional wines. There are all sorts of restaurants in Bordeaux, from Michelin starred gourmet paradises, to small ethnic restaurants where you can taste French twists of various cuisines.

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