The best cultural sights in Normandy

Portion of the Jumièges Abbey

Portion of the Jumièges Abbey ©

Normandy – one of the most beautiful and most important historic regions of France. With its wonderful natural jewels, historic settlements and astonishing cultural sights Normandy attracts a large number of visitors every year. If you are interested in cultural attractions, looking for a great region to visit, I suggest you to choose this spectacular destination. Normandy is one of France’s geographical regions. It corresponds with the former Duchy of Normandy. Normandy is famous for its wonderful visitor attractions, beautiful cities and gorgeous landscape. In the following guide I will present you the best cultural sights in Normandy. If you are interested in beautiful buildings, read the following guide.

Rouen Cathedral

Perhaps the most impressive and most beautiful of all the cultural sights in Normandy is the breathtaking Rouen Cathedral. There are evidences of a church existing on the cathedral’s site in the 4th century. It is considered that the church was later enlarged, in 650. Unfortunately, it was damaged during the 12th century. A new building was constructed in the same century, using the characteristics of Early Gothic architectural style. It was also destroyed by fire. During the following centuries it was reconstructed and restored several times. The actual building wears the characteristics of several architectural styles and it is a significant landmark of the city. The cathedral is also considered one of the most beautiful of its kind in France. If you would like to visit a truly astonishing and impressive cathedral, choose Rouen as your destination!

Bec Abbey

The astonishing Bec Abbey can be found in Le Bec Hellouin. It used to play an important role in history, being considered a very influential abbey of its time in the Anglo-Norman kingdom. The abbey was founded at the beginning of the 11th century. The wonderful abbey became an important point of the 11th century intellectual life. Unfortunately the abbey was severely damaged during the French Revolution. In the 20th century the abbey was restored by Olivetan monks. Today the abbey is well-known for the beautiful pottery the monks produce here.

Bec Abbey Efcuse/okaboo

Bec Abbey ©Efcuse/ookaboo

Jumièges Abbey

Situated in the commune with the same name, in the Seine-Maritime department, Jumièges Abbey is a wonderful cultural sight of Normandy. It is one of the most beautiful religious buildings of the region. The foundation of the wonderful old abbey goes back in the 1st century (654). By the end of the 1st century the abbey prospered and numbered about one thousand of monks. It was later enlarged, during the 13th century and restored in 1573. After the French Revolution the abbey ended as a monastery and was damaged. Today it is a ruined monument, but still attracts dozens of visitors.

Portion of the Jumièges Abbey

Portion of the Jumièges Abbey ©

The Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

As one of the most spectacular cultural attractions of entire France, the breathtaking Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey stands on the famous Mont-Saint-Michel. This wonderful tourist attraction and popular place of pilgrimage has been constructed in different stages, resulting a unique architectural jewel. Partly due to this fact the abbey was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 1979.  Dating from the 1st century, the abbey has been visited by millions of pilgrims and visitors. If you would also want to have a memorable experience, I suggest you not to miss this fantastic landmark.

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey Benh/okaboo

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey ©Benh/ookaboo

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