The best New Year’s destinations in France

photo by Harald Groven on Flickr

Some say that your new year will be as good as the New Year’s celebration you had, and while this is most likely superstitious nonsense, it does make sense how a good start can brighten your perspective for the following year. And if you want to make sure that you’re going to spend an unforgettable New Year’s night, then you can’t go wrong with choosing France as your destination. La Saint-Sylvestre, as the French call New Year’s Eve, is a time of lavish feasts, accompanied with celebrations that can range from small and intimate to downright crazy parties. Here are some of the best New Year’s destinations in France.


The French capital is most definitely one of the best New Year’s destinations in France, not only because they city lights up even more than usual on the last night of the year, but also because there are so many venues to choose from. Although there won’t be any huge fireworks in Paris, many of the residents gather in Champs Elysées, Champ de Mars or Trocadéro to watch the light spectacle on the Eiffel Tower. Les Ombres restaurant is a great place for a New Year’s feast with a view, and the famous Bastofar club is the perfect venue for those who want to dance the whole night.

Saint Paul de Vence, Provence

St Paul de Vence, photo by Takato Marui on Flickr

There are plenty of destinations for unique New Year’s celebrations in France, and the scenic village of Saint Paul de Vence, perched on a hill in Provence is definitely one of them. The village’s narrow winding streets and historical architecture create the perfect mood for a special New Year, but if your tastes are  more adventurous than that, you can book a luxury treehouse and have a small party with friends.

Château de Montvillargenne, Oise

Château de Montvillargenne near Chantilly was built at the beginning of the 20th century by a Rothschild baroness, and today it is a charming luxury hotel where you can experience a life fit for the royalty. The 2012 New Year’s celebration at the chateau means all the pampering you can imagine: exquisite dinner with live entertainment, and glitzy entertainment combining the magic of both Paris and New York.


Bordeaux, photo by Eric Page

Spending the New Year’s Eve in Bordeaux is not a bad choice at all, seeing as there are many venues in this beautiful city that host all sorts of events and parties. But perhaps the  most special way to celebrate the new year in Bordeaux is to have dinner and a nice party on a boat! Bordeaux is a port city, and there are many boats and barges which host events.

Lombrives Cave, Tarascon-sur-Ariège, Ariège

Lombrives is one of the vastest cave complexes in Europe, and it has been used as shelter since ancient times. But today, this impressive cave is one of the most interesting venues for New Year’s celebrations in France. Slip into the new year while you’re underground and enjoying a delicious dinner surrounded by a magical atmosphere. The temperature in the cave is rather cool, so exchange your cocktail dresses and tuxes for some warm clothes.

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