The best pavement cafes in Paris

Paris is the city of love and romance, but also of pavement cafes, and cafe cremes sipped on the charming streets of the old capital. In Paris, there are probably more pavement cafes per square mile than in any other city in the world. Every cafe and restaurant in Paris that has space for it, will surely put some tables and umbrellas on the pavement as soon as the weather is mild enough to sit outside. So if you are planning a visit to the French capital, having a cup of coffee at a pavement cafe is one of the experiences that you must absolutely not miss, so here are some of the best pavement cafes in Paris.

Cafe de Flore, Saint-Germain

Cafe de Flore is one of the greatest literary cafes of Paris, the place that saw the birth of many of the most famous literary movements of our times: dadaism, surrealism, existentialism, and was a favorite haunt of such extraordinary figures such as Tristan Tzara, Simone de Beauvoir orĀ  Jean-Paul Sartre. In the sixties, it was the meeting place of nouvelle vague cinema stars like Brigitte Bardot or Jane Seberg.

Le petit fer a cheval

Located in the Marais neighborhood, one of the oldest parts of Paris, Le petit fer a cheval, or the little horseshoe, is a magnet for tourists and locals alike, you compete desperately for a place at one of the little tables on the sidewalk. The Rue Vielle de Temple, where the cafe is located, is one of the most lively street in the neighborhood, so people watching is always a good pass-time while you’re sipping your coffee.

La Sancerre

The Montmatre neighborhood is full of tourist traps, so instead of sitting in an overpriced cafe near the Sacre-Coeur Cathedral, you should head to the are around the Abbesses metro station. La Sancerre, on the Rue des Abbesses, is an eclectic mix styles and customers that will make you feel right at home, regardless of your tastes and appearance – definitely one of the best pavement cafes in Paris.

Chez Prune

Along the Canal Saint-Martin, there are lots of interesting places where you can have a drink and watch life passing you by, and Chez Prune is one of the most stylish places to do just that. Located in one of the liveliest areas of the neighborhood, Chez Prune has quite a diverse menu, but still, the best experience is to have a glass of chilled rose and watch the canal.

Le Select

Another famous literary cafe, once the haunt of the likes of Hemingway, Henry Miller or Picasso, Le Select has a particular charm that will grab you even if you have no literary inclinations whatsoever. The place hasn’t changed much since it opened in the 20s, and it has an atmosphere reminiscent of the Belle Epoque.

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