The best summer destinations in Provence

Nice beach onecle/Flickr

Nice beach ©onecle/Flickr

The southern region of France can make a perfect destination for a memorable summer vacation. There are numerous destinations you can choose of. Besides the world famous French Riviera, the sunny Provence also offers some excellent locations for tourists. Located between the picturesque Alps and the wonderful Mediterranean Sea, Provence’s wonderful hills, beautiful vineyards and immense lavender fields provide a perfect summer destination to any holidaymaker.

Besides the warm temperature, the area also offers great historical sites and excellent gastronomic delights. I am sure that I made you think of choosing Provence as your vacation destination. Do you want to find out which are the best summer destinations in Provence? If you do, read this guide below.


The largest Mediterranean port, Marseille makes the perfect summer destination in Provence. The third largest city of the country is an extremely popular destination among both residents of France and foreign visitors.

The Calanque de Morgiou is considered one of Marseille’s most spectacular beaches with its crystal clear waters. It is a perfect place for the lovers of sun and sea. Besides the beaches, Marseille is also a perfect destination for those looking for sightseeing tours, as the city is home to innumerable cultural sights, not to mention its excellent restaurants and cafés.

Marseille styeb/Flickr

Marseille ©styeb/Flickr


Surrounded by hills and lush fields, Aix-en-Provence is another excellent summer destination. The city is famous for its hot springs and beautiful fountains. Besides, there are innumerable museums here, making it a paradise for art-lovers.

The city centre houses several fine boutiques, markets and perfumeries. In addition, the famous yearly event, the Musique dans la Rue (“Music in the Street”) is very attractive for visitors. It occurs every summer.  


Considered one of the most beautiful French cities, Nice is a great location for a summer vacation. As it is located on the French Riviera, it is extremely popular and crowded especially during summer time.

The city is famous for its excellent weather during the summer months. With gorgeous beaches, Nice is the best option for every holidaymaker. Besides, tourists can visit the cultural sights of the city, explore its Old Town with wonderful narrow streets, visit its great markets, try some local delicacies and so on.

Nice beach onecle/Flickr

Nice beach ©onecle/Flickr


The historic city of Avignon is very famous worldwide. Located on the Rhone River, the city is well-known for its several Roman structures which still stand, including the city’s iconic bridge. Another famous attraction is the Pope’s Palace. Besides sightseeing, visitors have the occasion to try local specialties and delicacies, including wines, pastries and cheese.   

Avignon hsivonen/Flickr

Avignon ©hsivonen/Flickr


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