The best tours in France

Arc de Triomphe, Paris ontourwithben/Flickr

Arc de Triomphe, Paris ©ontourwithben/Flickr

In case you are an active tourist, visiting France or you are interested in more attractions than just one at the same time, I suggest you to read the following guide. Below I will give you some useful ideas relating to the best tours in France. France is a wonderful county, being one of the top tourist destinations of the entire world.

It is famous for its historic and romantic cities, unique natural attractions, excellent wines and cuisine, the gorgeous beaches on the French Riviera, the great ski resorts in the mountainous regions and so on. There are so many sights in France which are worth visiting that you need at least a couple of weeks to visit the desired ones. In order to help you find the best sights, I will give you some ideas about how to plan a tour in France.

Tour of the main cities

This tour is ideal for those looking for excellent sightseeing tours and those looking for urban adventures. France’s major cities are the following: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Nice, Strasbourg, Nancy, Nantes, Lille, Bordeaux, Tours, Rennes, Montpellier, Toulouse, Brest, Rouen, Grenoble, Biarritz and so on.

You should start your tour in the French capital, Paris, than visit the major cities going east – south and west. Your tour should look like this: Paris – Nancy – Strasbourg – Lyon – Grenoble – Nice – Marseille – Montpellier – Toulouse – Biarritz – Bordeaux – Nantes – Tours – Rennes – Brest – Rouen –Lille.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris ontourwithben/Flickr

Arc de Triomphe, Paris ©ontourwithben/Flickr

Wine tours

Wine is one of the best reasons to visit France. The country is the largest wine producer of the world. There are numerous regions where they cultivate vineyards. Therefore, there are different types of wines in the country. The most significant areas of wine producing are the following: Champagne, Cote de Nuits in Burgundy, Bordeaux and its surroundings, Provence and the Loire valley wine region.

Tour of the French Riviera

If you love sunny beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and luxurious accommodation, you must make a tour on the French Riviera. This tour may include the major cities and resorts along the Cote d’Azur. Start from Menton and go south until you reach Toulon. The destinations may include: Menton – Monaco – Nice – Antibes – Cannes – Frejus – Saint-Maxime – Saint-Tropez – Hyères – Toulon.

Nice beach onecle/Flickr

Nice beach ©onecle/Flickr

Gourmet tours

French cuisine is world renowned. If you are a real gourmet, I suggest you to make a gourmet tour in France. Lyon is the gastronomic capital of France, therefore you must start your journey here. After visiting Lyon, you have many options, as there are different gourmet regions in the country. Paris is famous for its excellent Michelin-star restaurants, Provence is well-known for its Mediterranean specialties, Burgundy and Bordeaux are famous for their wines and the Loire Valley for its farmhouses offering traditional dishes.

Tour of the French cathedrals

Last, but not least attractive, especially for the lovers of architecture is a tour of the French cathedrals. There are innumerable astonishing cathedrals in France which attract thousands of visitors yearly. I suggest you to visit the following cities if you are interested in some of the best-known cathedrals of the world: Paris, Nice, Strasbourg, Lourdes, Reims, Chartres and Rodez.

Reims cathedral de Notre Dame

Reims Cathedral ©Chi King/Flickr

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