The most beautiful settlements in Poitou-Charentes

Angoulême's old city walls Blorg/ookaboo

Angoulême’s old city walls ©Blorg/ookaboo

The wonderful region of Poitou-Charentes can be found in the western part of France, having access to the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city of the region is the beautiful Poitiers which is home to dozens of visitor attractions, including churches and other types of sights. Besides, there are other towns and communes in Poitou-Charentes which are very attractive for tourists. Every major town is with no doubt worth visiting!

In the following guide I will present you the most beautiful settlements in Poitou-Charentes. If you would like to include several destinations in your holiday, I think you should choose this region. It is an astonishing historic region of which communities present some outstanding visitor attractions.


The capital of Poitou-Charentes, the beautiful city of Poitiers is an astonishing destination. The city centre is astonishing and very popular among visitors due to its scenic streets and architectural remains dating mainly from the Romanesque period. Poitiers is home to numerous wonderful religious building, including the Poiters Cathedral, France’s oldest church – the Baptistère Saint-Jean, the beautiful Romanesque Notre-Dame la Grande (which is the oldest of its kind in Europe), the Église Sainte-Radegonde-de-Poitiers and so on. Other sights include the Musée Sainte-Croix, the underground chapel named Hypogée des Dunes, the botanical garden and park named Jardin des Plantes de Poitiers and so on. Visiting Poitiers will surely make an unforgettable holiday.

View over Poitiers Vermario/ookaboo

View over Poitiers ©Vermario/ookaboo


The tiny commune of Angoulême is the capital of the Charentes department of the region. Perched on a rocky spur, the breathtaking commune attracts dozens of visitors with its fascinating religious and historic sights. The settlement used to be a fortified town and the remains of the old city wall are still visible. It is quite well preserved and attracts dozens of visitors. Angoulême Cathedral and the hôtel de ville are further two fascinating sights of the commune.

Angoulême's old city walls Blorg/ookaboo

Angoulême’s old city walls ©Blorg/ookaboo


The beautiful town of Breissure is another attractive settlement of the region. It is famous for its fantastic ruined castle named Château de Bressuire and the church of Notre-Dame. The castle is a fantastic jewel of medieval military architecture.

La Rochelle

The capital of the Charente-Maritime department, the fascinating city of La Rochelle is extremely popular among tourists. The major highlight of the city is the old harbor, the Vieux Port located at the heart of La Rochelle. The well-preserved old city is another attraction of the city, not to mention the Saint-Louis Cathedral and the La Rochelle Museum of Natural History.


The historic town of Saintes is also one of the best settlements of Poitou-Charentes. With fascinating churches and museums, it is very attractive for visitors. Among the highlights of the town are the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre, the Saint Pierre Cathedral, the Abbey-aux-Dames, the Musée archéologique and so on.

Saintes Cobber17/ookaboo

Saintes ©Cobber17/ookaboo


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