The most exciting canyoning destinations in France

Verdon Canyon, photo by Cyklista Danibor

If you like walking, climbing outdoors, or simply scampering up to a high place that affords incredible views, then canyoning is definitely for you. Canyoning can imply serious activities that involve technical climbing and ropework, but no necessarily, and depending on the difficulty of the canyon that you’re tackling, anyone can do it with the help of a mountain guide. France’s mountains and gorges are excellent sites for canyoning, and there are plenty of tour agencies that offer canyoning trips for any skill level. The natural beauty of France, coupled with healthy outdoor exercise make canyoning a really interesting experience for anyone who likes physical activities. So give your muscles a good work-out in one of the most exciting canyoning destinations in France.

Le Haute Jabron, Provence

The Haute-Jabron canyon is the perfect place for an initiation in canyoning, because although the site is not overly large, it has all the elements necessary for a great canyoning trip: swimming, steep descents and beautifully sculpted rocks that make you feel like you’re in a cave. The canyon is reached after a short and scenic hike, after which the true canyoning experience begins – and lasts for almost 2 unforgettable hours.

Les Gorges de la Diosaz, Haute Savoie

Close to the picturesque ski resort of Chamonix you can find another wonder of nature – the Diosaz gorges, which are unmistakably one of the jewels of French canyoning. The wild mountain stream of Diosaz has carved for itself a narrow way through the towering rocks, and the many cascades and an impressive stone bridge really make this canyoning trip worth the effort.

Gorges du Haut Chassezac, Lozère

Chassezac is a river that runs very deep, over 400 meters, forming truly impressive granite gorges in the Cevennes National Park. There are several canyoning routes in the gorges, the longest of which can take up to eight hours, but depending on the type of tour you choose the trip can be considerably shorter but no less impressive.

Verdon Gorge, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

The canyon of the Verdon river is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe, and so it’s really no surprise that the most exciting canyoning destinations in France can be found here. The breath-taking chasms of the Gorge are quite challenging, but with the guidance of a professional there are a lot of trails that even beginner canyoneers can try.

Canyon de Riolan, Aiglun, Alpes-Maritimes

The Riolan canyon near the pretty little village of Aiglun is truly one of the jewels of French canyoning. If you want a canyoning destination that will not be too challenging or dangerous but still interesting and fun, Riolan will not disappoint you. The trail is quite long and much of it takes places in water, so it’s essential to know how to swim.



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