The most famous tours in France

Chateau de Villandry in the Loire Valley, photo by Casper Moller

All major French cities, and even the smallest towns in France are worth exploring in details, getting to know their quirks and particularities, but unfortunately most travelers don’t have enough time to lavish all their attention on one single place. Getting to know a country in only a few weeks is impossible, but at least you can get a taster of what it has to offer – all you need to do is take a tour. Whether you are planning on touring an entire region, or if you want to stick to short and quick local tours that showcase some interesting parts of a city, you have countless options in France. So if you are a touring addict, here are some of the most iconic and famous tours in France.

Castles of the Loire Valley

The many castles scattered over the Loire Valley are France’s pride and joy. They are remainders of a time when kings, queens and nobles ruled the country and squandered their wealth on building some of the most splendid and jaw-dropping structures Europe has ever seen. You can stay at some of the castles which now operate as hotels, but the real fun of the tour is visiting as many chateaus as possible and comparing their details: Chambord, Chenonceau, Villandry, Angers, Saumur and many others.

The beaches of Normany

Juno Beach, Normany, photo by Robert Lesser

Normady’s windswept coast is a joy to visit for romantics who like to indulge in reveries in stunning natural settings. However, the 20th century fame of Normandy’s coast comes from the D-Day beaches which played such a crucial role in WWII. You can start your tour in Caen, occupied by Germans and bombed for two months, and proceed to the sites where battles took place.

Da Vinci Code tour

A few years ago the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown made every possible best-seller list, and naturally the book has many fans. If you are one of them, or even if you only have a fleeting curiosity about the book, you can take a tour of the sites where the novel’s events are set. You can make this tour self-guided by making a list of the Paris locations in the book, but there are plenty of tour operators that can give you a more in-depth break down of the Da Vinci Code and even offer some interesting tidbits of information.

Provence Wine Tour

Excellent wine is one of the things that made France famous, and wine lovers flock to the many vineyards and wineries in France’s wine producing regions every Spring and Summer. Of course, there are many regions you can visit this way, but Provence is definitely one of the most picturesque areas. Not only will you be able to stop at many small vineyards and enjoy their delicious wines, but also see some of the most enchanting scenery in France.

Amelie tour in Paris

Amelie is one of the most famous French movies of the past decade, and those who fell under the spell of the movie will surely like a tour of the filming locations. Much of the film is set in the charming neighborhood of Montmartre – the cathedral, park, metro station or the small cafe where the film’s heroine worked. Of course, there are guided Amelie tours available in Paris, but you can make your own by watching the film again and taking note of the places where the events take place.

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