The most fascinating carousels in Paris

photo by Anna Levinzon

For children, carousels are downright magical:rotating cicrles laden with horses, magical beings and other creatures, turning round and round. From an adult’s point of view, carousels are not quite the same, but that doesn’t mean that they are not interesting, from an esthetic perspective at least. Carousels are also festive, colorful and capable of giving off a great atmosphere, especially at night! If you are an admirer of carousels, be they vintage or new, and even if you simply feel like seeing something different, then you should seek out some of the most fascinating carousels in Paris. Kids will love them, and even as an adult you can’t help but be impressed!

Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes is the botanical garden of Paris, and one of the largest of its kind in France. The gardens are part of the National Natural History Museum, and it is home to four galleries of the museums (minerals, evolution, paleontology and entomology), and there’s even a small zoo on the grounds. Naturally, the carousel is also related to the natural world: it boasts jungle animals and even a few dinosaurs!


photo by JPC24 on Flickr

The Tuileries gardens are some of the oldest in Paris, dating back to the times of kings, queens and nobles. These beautiful classic gardens are the perfect place for an afternoon or evening stroll, so why not make the merry go round in the park your destination? This carousel is old-fashioned and full of charm – it is definitely not a mere child’s plaything, but rather a work or art. It is decorated with cherubs and it sports brightly colored horses with exquisite details.

Jardin d’Acclimatation

The Jardin d’Acclimatation is a children’s theme park, but one that even adults will enjoy. The park started out as a menagerie, and even today there are many animals that you can see, along with the Exploradome science museum. There is not only one, but several carousel’s in the park, and they are all beautiful in their different ways. One of the most interesting ones has a gladiator theme!

Parc de la Villette

photo by nikoretro on Flickr

Parc de la Villette houses one of the most fascinating carousels in Paris, and one that is dedicated to famous French writer Jules Verne, so anyone who likes the author’s work can make this a place of pilgrimage. This beautiful classic double-decker carousel has lions, elephants and even a balloon, plus other details that those who read Verne’s novels will surely recognize.

Jardin de Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Gardens are home to one of the most beautiful merry-go-rounds you will ever see, a remainder of the glorious Belle Epoque. This turn of the century carousel has definitely seen better times, but none of its original charm suffered. The wooden animals are carved and made out of wood and painted in vibrant colors, and although the hand crank has been replaced by a motor, the carousel gives is still infused with the mood of the past.

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