The most interesting museums in France

One of the things that most first-time visitors of France see is the Louvre, one of the most famous museums in the world. But as much fun as a trip to Louvre can be, don’t forget that it isn’t the only great museum in the country, and there are many more museums of every possible kind that entertain and delight tourists. So if you want to know more about France’s exquisite art, culture, or maybe something more special, here’s a list of the most interesting museums in France.

Musée des Merveilles, Tende

The Musée des Merveilles is the place to go if you are interested in prehistoric artifacts, more precisely, petroglyphs. This museum in Tende, in the Alpes-Maritimes department, documents the prehistoric findings from Mercatour National Park. The name of the museum is given by the nearby Vallée des Merveilles, a very popular tourist destination in the region.

Osmothèque, Versaille

If you like perfumes, or you have a particularly sensitive and delicate nose in general, you’ll love this museum. The Osmothèque is a museum where not artifacts, but perfumes and perfume formulas are displayed. The goal of the museum is to preserve famous perfumes and reconstruct those whose formulas have been lost. You can visit the museum by appointment only, you can book a tour here.

Musée du Vin, Paris

A country that puts so much price in wine and its culture will obviously have a museum dedicated to this popular beverage. There’s no better way to discover the complexity and richness of French art of winemaking than here. The objects on display are tools that were used to make wine in the past, to work in the vineyard and tend to the vines. You’ll see tolls from the Middle Ages until modern times. Sadly, no wine tasting included, but it’s still one of the most interesting museums in France.

Micropolis (La Cité des Insectes), Saint-Léons, Aveyron

If you are grossed out even by the tiniest bug, then you won’t enjoy much your visit here, but if you’re interested in how insects live and in their biology, you’ll really love Micropolis, the insect city. The museum tries to popularize knowledge about these sadly marginalized creatures, and to help you be less creeped out next time a spider climbs up your leg 🙂

Clos Lucé, Amboise

photo by Zeist85

King Francis I invited Leonardo da Vinci to Clos Lucé, back then called Château de Clous, to spend some time at Clos Lucé. Leonardo brought a ew of his paintings (including the famous Mona Lisa), and ended up staying here for the past three years of his life. The museum displays dozens of models da Vinci’s incredible machines – plus, the park is a great place for an outdoors stroll.

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