The most romantic places in Paris

Parc des Buttes Chaumont, photo by Vincent

Paris is famous for being the most romantic place on the planet, but once you arrive in the French capital, where exactly should a romantic go? Granted, there are so many romantic spots in Paris (some of them known only to locals) that you can’t even start to count, but like all cities, even Paris has its non-romantic spots. The industrial parts of the city and the banlieues are to be avoided if you are longing for that stomach-fluttering, heart-quickening romantic atmosphere, but there are many landmarks and corners of Paris that have become a place of pilgrimage for romantics and lovebirds from all over the world. Here are some of the most romantic places in Paris, for travelers who need a little romance in their lives.

Pont des Arts

The Seine has been an inspiration for generations of romantic poets, and a backdrop for many romances for centuries, so a visit to the banks of the Seine is just as mandatory for romantics as a trip to any other famous landmarks in Paris. Pont des Arts is a scenic pedestrian bridge across the Seine, linking the Institut de France with the central square of the Louvre palace. A quaint lover’s tradition demands that the couple attach a padlock to the bridge, and throw the key in the water for a long and happy relationship.


It’s enough to watch the movie Amelie to see why Montmartre is such a great place for romance. The old neighborhood’s narrow alleys, the picturesque buildings with cafes and shops on their ground floor, and the incredible cathedral and its surrounding park are the kind of place where couples or romantics can happily get lost.

Rodin Museum

Pont des arts, photo by marsupilami92 on Flickr

Rodin, the famous French sculptor, created some of the most touching and delicate images of love ever seen in the world of art. The Rodin Museum displays some of his most famous works, including The Kiss and The Thinker. The museum was established in the Hotel Biron, where the artists had his studio. The beautiful park surrounding the estate can also be visited.

Vert Galant Square

Vert Galant was the nickname of King Henri IV of France, famous for his philandering ways. It’s not surprising that the square has become a favorite haunt of couples, so much that the square and its park are often called ‘the place where sweethearts love to linger’. The trees create an intimate atmosphere where couples can whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont

”]Parc des Buttes Chaumont is quite possibly the most romantic park in Paris, with all the necessary ingredients to make any walk truly magical: grottoes, waterfalls, follies, a temple on a cliff. Napoleon III created the park for the common people, but little did he know that it would become one of the most beautiful parks and one of the most romantic places in Paris.



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