The Parc Astérix theme park

Parc Asterix wrayckage/Flickr

Parc Asterix ©wrayckage/Flickr

Located about 35 km north of the French capital city, the fantastic Parc Astérix is a great place to take the kids at. It is one of the several theme parks of France, being also one of its most renowned ones. Opened in 1989, the park is a major visitor attraction of France. With its innumerable rides and attractions, it is a paradise for every kid. It is famous for its numerous roller coasters. In case you are visiting Paris or its adjacent area on your next holiday, I suggest you to visit this fantastic theme park, especially if you are traveling with the kids. Would you like to find out more about the Parc Astérix theme park and its attractions? Read the following guide.

Main attractions

There are over 30 fascinating attractions within this huge park, including rides, roller coasters and water adventures. All of these are very attractive for visitors. Whatever you’d choose, it will surely be an exciting ride! Try as many as you can. You won’t regret it!

Some of the main attractions of the park are the following: OzIris, Le Grand Splatch, Tonnerre de Zeus, L’Oxygénarium, La Trace du Hourra, Le Défi de César, Le Cheval de Troie, La Forêt des Druids and so on. There are so many rides in the park that you might need at least two days to try all of them.

Gouderix ride at Parc Asterix milst1/Flickr

Gouderix ride at Parc Asterix ©milst1/Flickr

The “Worlds”

The park includes 6 themed “Worlds”, including “Egypt”, “The Vikings”, “The Roman Empire”, “Ancient Greece”, “Travel through time” and “Welcome to Gaul”. All the worlds represent different historic periods and include rides relating to these. Each of the six “Worlds” includes fascinating rides and is very attractive, especially for children. Visit all of them and try some rides! You will surely make a unique experience.

Parc Asterix wrayckage/Flickr

Parc Asterix ©wrayckage/Flickr


Besides the fantastic “Worlds” which include great rides and attractions, there are numerous shows presented at the theme park. One of the most attractive shows includes a fantastic dolphin and sea lion show. Other shows present you your favorite characters. Whatever you’d choose, it will surely be great fun!

Dolphin show at Parc Asterix Khomille/Flickr

Dolphin show at Parc Asterix ©Khomille/Flickr

Restaurants and hotels

If you need places to stay at or eat at, the park has on offer excellent deals. The Hotel des Trois Hiboux lies within the ground of the park, but there are also nearby partner hotels of the park. As for the restaurants, there is a large variety of venues here. Whether you’d like to have a full meal, a pizza or a light snack, the park has everything on offer. Some of the restaurants are Le Cirque, Arcimboldo or Aux Fastes de Rome.

Visitor attractions

The park is open between the 30th of March and 11th of November, usually daily, but there are some exceptions. It generally opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:00 or 19:00. The price of a ticket for adult and children older than 12 is €44 and for children from 3 to 11 years is €33. For children under 3 the admission is free. (July 2013) For further information check the website of the park.

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