Tips for budget saving in France

France is not a cheap country, but that’s only natural, considering that its attractions are not cheap in any sense of the word. So can a country where even the pavement is stylish be visited on the cheap? This seemingly impossible task is can be accomplished with the help of a few handy tricks and some useful pieces of info that might not be very obvious, especially for people who don’t speak French. So if you feel that our budget is not really up for a trip to France, then maybe after reading these tips for budget saving in France you will reconsider!

Picking a destination

All capital cities and holiday resorts that live off tourism will be more expensive than other destinations, and that’s pretty much the rule everywhere. So Paris will probably gobble up your savings in no time at all if you are playing by the rules, staying in four star hotels and dining in alluring tourist trap restaurants. Think about why you want to visit a certain destination (is it the culture, the nightlife, the shopping, the sights?) and try to find an alternative that will offer you a similar treat for more affordable prices. So instead of Paris, you could visit Lyon, instead of Nice you can visit Saint-Tropez. You might not see celebrities of too many luxury shops in these quieter places, but that French charm is not lost in the least!

Where to stay

Of course, everyone is tempted to find a hotel in the glitzy neighborhood of their destination, or some historic place where some countess or price has spent the night. However, accommodation eats up a huge chunk of your budget, and typically it is the part of your trip where you can save the most money. Instead of hotels, think about staying in gites, a type of low-cost accommodation which might or might not also include breakfast or lunch too. Gites are usually villa-type houses where you have to cook or clean after yourself, but which are way better than hostel accommodation. Another option are the logis stays, which are usually small inns in small cities and towns, not expensive and with a great reputation when it comes to cuisine.


Opt for accommodation which is self catering, or opt out on the breakfast and visit the local boulangerie for breakfast which is likely cheaper and much tastier than what your hotel can offer. Don’t feel like you have to visit fancy restaurants, the authentic French tastes can be just as easily find in small local restaurants or cafes which are less used to tourists. Just learn a few useful phrases in French and you’ll have no problem ordering the plat du jour (daily menu) and some local wine.

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