Top 5 gourmet destinations in France

photo by jlastras on Flickr

If you like food, then you have probably gone to at least a few French restaurants in your life. However, if you love food and you make no compromises on the subject of your dinner, then give yourself a present and pamper your taste-buds…in France. France is a gourmet paradise that doesn’t come cheap, but all that it has on the menu is classy, elegant and delicious. Restaurants are not the only place where you can find delicacies in France – you can visit farms, vineyards, markets and festivals and you’ll be sure to find something scrumptious. So check out some of these top 5 gourmet destinations in France, put together a picnic basket and enjoy your time in the hexagon.

La Grande Epicerie, Paris, France

There are plenty of gourmets who don’t like grocery shopping all that much, and seeing as this activity mostly involves packing a cart in a generic supermarket and standing in line afterwards. Well, La Grande Epicerie will make shopping a fun experience, because no gourmet can resist the hordes of spices, artfully arranged vegetables, tins of biscuits, chocolates, pastries and cheeses in this shop.

Roquefort Caves, France

Roquefort is one of the most famous of French cheeses, and one that cannot fail to impress the taste-buds of true gourmets. This exquisite cheese is made through a laborious process that involves maturing in a labyrinth of underground caves. There are lots of cheese producers in the village of Roquefort, and many of them offer tours.

Rue de la Portmonaie, Bordeaux, France

Rue de la Portmonaie was a regular historic street until the late sixties when the famous bistro La Tupina opened. But owner Jean-Pierre Xiradakis was not content to merely have a bistro, and transformed the entire street, by leasing the former shops on the street and establishing an epicerie, a bar and a wine cave.

Auberge des Moissons, Matougues, Marne department

Champagne is a fertile ground for truffles, and in Spring there’s quite a bit of truffle hunting going about. If you are a gourmet who is interested in this delicious tuber, then you should book a holiday at the Auberge des Moissons in Matougues. The holiday includes a short incursion into the history of truffles, a truffle hunt, a meal and accommodation for a very affordable price.

Rue Cler Open Market, Paris

Paris has lots of open air markets and all of them are of certain interest for gourmets, because it’s not just your run of the mill veggies that you can find here, but also local delicacies sold by farmers who produce them themselves. The fruit and vegetable stands are quite enjoyable, but check out the gourmet cheese, wine and other food shops. With this selection, the Rue Cler market is definitely one of the top 5 gourmet destinations in France.

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