Top 5 historical sites in France

Nimes Arena lorentey/Flickr

Nimes Arena ©lorentey/Flickr

One of the most visited countries of the world is France. It is extremely popular among the lovers of art, culture, cuisine, sightseeing, wine tasting and of numerous other fantastic activities and attractions. Besides the breathtaking cities and towns, amazing museums and restaurants, the attractive natural and national parks, gorgeous mountains and beaches, France is home to some unique historical sites. If you are a fan of history, France is the perfect destination for you. Would you like to find out which are the top 5 historical sites in France? All you have to do is to read this article. It will surely help you find the most astonishing ones.

Nimes Arena

The breathtaking Nimes Arena is one of the country’s best preserved Roman sites. It is with no doubt better preserved than Rome’s Coliseum. It was built during the first century AD, being one of the most spectacular jewels of Roman architecture. The amphitheatre could accommodate up to 24.000 people. Today the arena is completely restored, being a major visitor attraction of Nimes. Interactive audio guides help the visitors understand the history of the arena better. It also hosts different events.

Nimes Arena lorentey/Flickr

Nimes Arena ©lorentey/Flickr

The Catacombs of Paris

Paris is home to numerous worldwide famous visitor attractions, including fantastic historic buildings, churches, castles and palaces, museums, bridges, different structures and others. One of the capital city’s attractions is the historical site, the Catacombs of Paris. It is considered one of the creepiest attractions of Paris and even France. The catacombs present several quarries which include millions of human skeletons. It used to serve as a burial place during the 18th century. Today it is an unusual, unique and weird visitor attraction of Paris.

The Catacombs of Paris levork/Flickr

The Catacombs of Paris ©levork/Flickr

Grotte de Font de Gaume

The amazing prehistoric site of France is the Grotte de Font de Gaume. Situated in the town of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil, it is a famous visitor attraction. It is actually a cave which includes numerous prehistoric paintings depicting bisons, horses, reindeers and others. It is not surprising that the fascinating cave is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The spectacular fortified town of France, Carcassonne used to have a significant strategic position. This amazing World Heritage Site is very attractive to visitors. There are numerous highlights in Carcassonne which can not be missed: its 52 towers, the 3 km-long fortified walls, its cathedral and citadel and others.

Carcassonne hsivonen/Flickr

Carcassonne ©hsivonen/Flickr

Chȃteau d’If

As one of the numerous castles (chateaus) of France, the Chȃteau d’If is a popular historical site. Constructed in the 16th century, this island fortress used to serve as a prison, too. It is also famous for appearing in the well-known novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. The chateau is a popular visitor attraction, housing exhibits relating to famous author, Alexandre Dumas.

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