Top 5 most romantic destinations in France

Chateau de Villandry in the Loire Valley, photo by Casper Moller

It is a truth universally acknowledged that France is the homeland of romance, and if you’re yearning for a truly romantic holiday à deux with your loved one, then there’s no better destination for it then France. A romantic holiday can be had in mostly any French tourist destination, but there are are few places in France which are so eminently romantic that you can’t possibly go wrong by visiting them. So if you want to surprise your significant other with a trip to l’hexagone, then here are top 5 most romantic places in France.

St. Paul de Vence, Provence

St Paul de Vence, photo by Takato Marui on Flickr

Provence is a great destination for lovers who like long ramblings through picturesque scenery, delicious cuisine, quaint small towns and vineyards. All of the best things about Provence are embodied by the little fortified village of St Paul de Vence, perched on top of a hill, overlooking the mountains and the sea. The narrow streets, walls covered with ivy and fountains or statues tucked behind corners make this village truly unique.

Loire Valley

The castles of the Loire Valley have become somewhat of a tourist magnet, but don’t let the crowds distract you from the beauties of aristocratic France. The century old castles are nothing if not romantic, especially if you imagine of the courtships and intrigues that took place between their walls. If visiting is not enough, then you might want to look into some budget chateau hotels where you will be treated like royalty.


The world capital of lovers if definitely in the top 5 most romantic places in France, how could it be otherwise? La vie en rose was never as rosy as on the streets of Montmartre, the banks of the Seine, the top of the Eiffel Tower or the galleries of the Louvre. Have a candle-lit gourmet dinner at a restaurant specializing in French cuisine, or watch the world go by while sipping coffee in a pavement cafe.

La Baule, Loire-Atlantique

The seaside resort of La Baule in Loire-Atlantique is a windswept, often moody getaway that will warm the heart of any romantic. La Baule is home to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Coast. The 8 kilometer long beach has fine white sand and the water is very calm, and in summer it’s a great place for a beach, but the chilly temperatures in autumn and winter shouldn’t stop you from having long walks on the beach either.


photo by Fabrice Terrasson on Flickr

The island of Corsica is nicknamed the Island of Beauty, and if you are the kind of travelers who enjoy every second outdoors, then you will definitely like this one of the top 5 most romantic destinations in France. Corsica has mountains and sea in very close proximity, so you can toast on the beach and find yourself on a mountain within an hour.


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