Top 5 movie theaters in Paris

The seventh art has a strong base of admirers in Paris, the French capital where art in any form is welcome. Lovers of the cinema can indulge in their passions for movies of all kinds in the over one hundred movie theaters in the city. From blockbusters, to oldies but goldies and daring arthouse or indie films, you can see anything you like in Paris. You can take your pick of Parisian cinemas regardless whether your tastes run towards the modern, hi-tech theaters or the small, retro or even century old kinds. So if you want to see a movie in Paris, here are the top 5 movie theaters in Paris.

La Cinémathèque Française

La Cinémathèque Française, designed by American architect Frank Genry, looks very promising on the outside, and for good reason because this grey buildings actually possesses the largest archive of films, documents and objects related to the cinema. The Cinémathèque is seventy years old, and it still organizes revivals, thematic festivals and tributes to actors or directors.

Le Champo, Rue des Ecoles

The Latin Quarter has many famous spots, but Le Champo is not only one of the most famous among the locals, but also one that has been visited by many people more famous than the cinema itself. Le Champo is a favorite with students from the nearby Sorbonne, and has a habit of hosting great retrospectives of Nouvelle Cinema.

Le Reflet Medicis

Just next door from Le Champo, Le Reflet is another one of the Quarter’s cinematic celebrities and it is famous for its film noir revivals and huge repertoir of old and new indie films from across the world. The cinema has three theaters playing different movies, and has its own bar (also called Le Reflet) right across the street.

Centre Georges Pompidou Cinemas

The Center Georges Pompidou is a marvel of modern architecture, and its cinemas are just as cutting edge as the center suggests. The massive cinemas host retrospectives and tributes to directors like Scorsese and Godard, as well as films created by students at the Cal Art film school.

Studio 28

This old picture house in Montmartre was the favorite of Jean Cocteau, who might have been a little biased, seeing as he designed the candelabras of the cinema. The cinema hosted a great deal of avant garde films and it was a meeting place for artists of all kinds. A bohemiam, lush cinema with great decor and atmosphere.

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