Top 5 nightlife spots in Lyon

photo by Fabian Fischer

Lyon is a beautiful city, and on of France’s cultural centers, a place to find gourmet cuisine, to explore urban parks and quaint neighborhoods, see churches and old buildings and shop to your heart’s content. There is no way to get bored in Lyon during the day, because you can always find something to busy yourself with. And come evening, you won’t have to sit around your hotel room, flipping channels, because Lyon has more than its fair share of nightlife venues where you can spend a few hours nursing a drink, or dance yourself to death until the small hours of the morning. Whether you like your nightclubs fancy, glamorous, noisy or messy, you can find what you’re looking for in this city. Here are our picks for the top 5 nightlife spots in Lyon.

Jazzy’s Corner, Rue Charles Dullin

This cozy little pub is one of the most popular little nightlife spots in the city, at least when it comes to locals who like jazz. The friendly owners have a comprehensive list of delicious cocktails and long drinks, which can be enjoyed in a comfortable and laid back atmosphere. The activity in the pub picks up in the evening, when there are live jazz concerts to be had.

Le Fantome de l’Opera, Rue Royale

photo by Anu & Anant on Flickr

Le Fantome de l’Opera is one of the best kept secrets of the city, enveloped in just as much mystery as the story where it takes its name from. The Fantome is an intimate place with a vintage-y decor, sparsely lit and cozy – the perfect place to whisper secrets while sipping one of the house’s fancy cocktails, wines or champagnes.

Ninkasi Kafe, Rue Marcel Merrieux

Ninkasi is a place with an eclectic clientele and an eclectic music selection, housed in a converted industrial building. The young crowds are drawn to Ninkasi with the promise of cheap drinks and good burgers, delicious cocktails that are actually affordable and DJ nights when all hell breaks loose on the dancefloor. In other words, if you want to have an evening of fun, dancing and cheap booze, Ninkasi is the place to be at.

à KGB, Rue des Bons Enfants

photo by Lyonshinogi on Flickr

If you’re in the mood for some Soviet-themed entertainment, you can drop by à KGB for some champagne cocktails and flavored vodkas in kitschy-fun decor. This venue has great French-Russian fusion food and it is a favorite haunt for well-off young professionals. As the evening draws late, the venue becomes more and more club-like, with music getting louder and people dancing.

L’Ambassade, Rue Stella

If you want to wear yourself out dancing all night, then you can do so at l’Ambassade, a small but busy club in Presque’Ile. The club has a resident DJ and often visiting DJ’s who play loud, energetic house music, with some hip hop and electro thrown into the mix for good measure. If you want to lounge and chat, L’Ambassade is not the best choice, but if you want to dance on good music, there’s no better place – this is definitely one of the top 5 nightlife spots in Lyon!


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