Top 5 theme parks in France

Theme parks are not exclusively for kids, and even as an adult you can enjoy them a great deal. But when you’re traveling with kids, going to a theme park is the most surefire way to avoid them getting bored. France is a great place for culture and history, but if you want some lighter entertainment that even small kids will enjoy, then take a day off to visit a theme park, or even two. There are lots of exciting theme parks in France, some completely wacky, and others educational. Here are our suggestions for the top 5 theme parks in France.

Puy du Fou, Les Epesses, Pays de la Loire

Puy du Fou is not like traditional theme parks with roller coasters and thrill rides. Instead, Puy du Fou tries to teach visitors (especially kids) about the fascinating history and customs of the Vendée region in a fun way. The park has five major attractions which are performed in a medieval castle, a Viking fortress, Roman amphitheater and other interesting settings.

Parc Astérix, Plailly, Oise department

Parc Astérix is inspired by the adventures of the beloved comic book hero Astérix and his sidekick Obélix. The park has a variety of different rides and attractions, most of them modeled on ancient Roman, Greek and Gaelic history. Some of the most exciting attractions are a wooden roller coaster, a multi-looping coaster, a bobsled and a haunted mansion.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the most popular theme park in France, and the most famous Disneyland in Europe. This Disneyland certainly doesn’t need any introduction. You will find the usual Disney franchise amusements and rides, as well as some uniquely French attractions.

Futuroscope, Poitiers, Vienne department

Futuroscope is one of the most interesting and definitely the most high-tech theme park in France. Futuroscope has lots of attractions but the most interesting are the 3D and 4D cinemas. Some of the activities and sights in Futuroscope are unique on the planet, and luckily most of them are available in languages other than French through headphones.

La Mer de Sable, Ermenonville forest, Oise department

La Mer de Sable is a very interesting wild west themed amusement park located in a sandy clearing in the middle of Ermenonville forest. Visitors can experience all sorts of activities that will open up their appetite for adventure and discovery through twenty five attractions and three shows. While the park is mainly destined for kids under 14, people of any age can enjoy it a lot.


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