Top 5 things to do in Nice

Nice, one of the largest cities on the French Riviera, is an immensely popular tourist destination. Nice might seem like nothing more than a sprawling city for beach addicts, but there is so much more to it than the riviera itself. The beaches are rocky but the water is excellent, so most people visit Nice for the beaches, but in terms of cultural and historical attractions, there is much that the city can offer to its visitors. Plus, nothing can beat Nice when it comes to amazing landscapes in and around the city. So if you want to get to know this city better, here are the top 5 things to do in Nice.

Visit Vieux Nice

photo by David Baron

The old town of Nice is a tangle of narrow streets and alleys, and generally a burst of color and energy. The picturesque old buildings are still lived in, but many of them have been turned into cafes and boutiques. Wandering around the old town can be quite an experience, especially if you keep an eye out for quaint shops and cafes. For an improvised picnic, visit the fruit and vegetable market of Cours Saleya.

Walk on the Cliffs

The old port of Nice is quite the sight, but if you go in the direction of Monaco, you can find a very nice walking path that will offer you a tour of the cliffs around the port. The path starts at Coco Beach, and it is called Sentier Littoral (literally beach path), and it will take you around Cap de Nice almost to Villefranche.

Visit a museum

There are several very interesting museums in Nice, most importantly the Musee Chagall, dedicated to the works of French artist Marc Chagall, especially some very nice stained glass windows. At the Musee Matisse you can see some of the earliest works of Matisse, his drawings, paintings and even some sculptures, which are lesser known. Other than that, you can visit Musee et Site Archeologiques de Cimiez, or the Museum of Asian art.

Go to Eze

The small village of Eze, near Nice on the way to Monaco, is famous for its amazing views of the sea. It also has a famous botanical garden with an extensive collection of cacti, but the best part about Eze are the medieval buildings, which make it look like a living museum.


There are many local specialities in Nice, and one of the must-try dishes is the socca, a flatbread made of chickpeas. The famous salade Nicoise is one of the best known dishes of Nice, as is the Soupe de Poisson, a fish soup with aioli (a special garlicky sauce from Southern France) and crunchy croutons.



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