Top urban travel destinations in Aquitaine

Bordeaux Cathedral smudie/Flickr

Bordeaux Cathedral ©smudie/Flickr

You probably don’t know that Aquitaine is one of France’s 27 regions. It is situated along the Atlantic coast. This amazing area has a rich history, it used to be a kingdom and a duchy during the Middle Ages. Aquitaine today is famous for its astonishing urban travel destinations. If you find this introduction convincing and you would like to visit this region, I suggest you to read the following guide. Below I will present you the top urban travel destinations in Aquitaine which are the following: Bordeaux, Bayonne, Biarritz, Arcachon, Agen and others. Visiting any of these settlements is with no doubt a memorable experience. I am sure that you will enjoy the visit.


Famous for its large port, the breathtaking city of Bordeaux is a major tourist destination. The astonishing city is home to over 360 historic monuments. Yes, you read it well…360…There are so many sights in this wonderful city that you will need to spend a couple of days in Bordeaux to visit all of them. But I am absolutely sure that you wouldn’t regret it! From wonderful squares to gorgeous churches, basilicas and cathedrals, from beautiful palaces to interesting museums, from parks to botanic gardens and several other kinds of attractions, Bordeaux has it all!

Bordeaux Cathedral smudie/Flickr

Bordeaux Cathedral ©smudie/Flickr


Bayonne is another wonderful urban travel destination in Aquitaine. It is situated in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantique. The river Nive separates the city into two parts: Grand Bayonne (“Big Bayonne”) and Petit Bayonne (“Little Bayonne”). There are five bridges crossing the river which give more attractiveness to the city’s landscape. The Gothic Cathédrale Sainte-Marie, the Bonnat Museum, the Basque Museum, the Neuf Castle’s remains are just some of the city’s great attractions.  

Bayonne Cathedral Eoghan OLionnain/Flickr

Bayonne Cathedral ©Eoghan OLionnain/Flickr


The beautiful city of Biarritz is situated in the Bay of Biscay. Its setting on the Atlantic coast makes it a top seaside resort in France. It is extremely popular among tourists and surfers. If you prefer to lie on the beach instead of sightseeing, Biarritz is the place to go! Besides the fantastic beach, the resort town also includes numerous other attractions, such as the Museum of Chocolate, the interesting Asiatica Museum, the beautiful St. Martin’s Church, the Museum of the Sea with some fantastic aquariums and so on.

Biarritz vanh33/Flickr

Biarritz ©vanh33/Flickr


Another seaside town is the beautiful town of Arcachon. It can be found in the department of Gironde and it is famous for its gorgeous beach considered to be favorable those suffering from pulmonary complaints. The town is also well-known for its distinguish architecture. Besides, Arcachon Bay is famous for presenting the largest sand dune of Europe, the Dune du Pyla.


With its wonderful old town, Agen is another attractive urban travel destination in Aquitaine. Its medieval buildings are very popular among visitors. As for the visitor attractions, there are some wonderful sights here, including the Agen Cathedral, the Fine Arts Museum and the Saint Hilaire Church.

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