Top walking holidays in France

Provence landscape Philip Larson/Flickr

Provence landscape ©Philip Larson/Flickr

When it comes to walking tours or walking holidays, the fantastic country of France offers something for everyone. From strolls through the beautiful Loire Valley or Gascony to a relaxing coastal walk in Brittany or challenging hikes on the peaks of the Alps and Pyrenees, you have a large variety of walking holidays to choose of. If you are also an active tourist, a nature-lover, willing to make walking tours in France, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present you some of the top walking holidays in France. You can opt for guided tours or you can make walking tours by your own. Everything depends on your preferences.

Walking along the Coast of Brittany

The north-western part of France, the fantastic Granite Coast of Brittany offers easy walking tours. With Celtic flavors of the area’s culture, the region is a unique destination for walking. The granite rocks of the coastline are very attractive for tourists. If you love beaches and walking tours, I recommend you to visit Brittany.

The Coast of Brittany jmhullot/Flickr

The Coast of Brittany ©jmhullot/Flickr

Walking in the Loire Valley

The famous Loire Valley is one of the most visited regions in France. Located in the middle of the country, the Loire Valley is an extremely attractive region, being dominated by historic chateaux and excellent landscapes. The area is also famous for its excellent wines and food. Want to make a unique experience? Make walking tours in the Loire Valley.

Loire Valley vineyard jamesonf/Flickr

Loire Valley vineyard ©jamesonf/Flickr

Walking in Provence

The region known as Provence is one of the most picturesque French areas. Dominated by lavender fields, picturesque villages and a fine Mediterranean climate, Provence makes one of the best destinations for walkers. Walking in Provence is an incomparable experience. The landscapes are beautiful and the settlements offer unique sceneries, with narrow streets and honey-colored buildings.

Provence landscape Philip Larson/Flickr

Provence landscape ©Philip Larson/Flickr

Walking from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic

This walk is considered to be one of the more challenging French walks. The trip takes about one week and includes some fine ascents and descents. The walk from the Pyrenees’ last rugged peaks to the Gulf of Gascony offers some of the most impressive landscapes of France. The walk can be challenging, but worth making it, as you’ll make a unique experience.

Walking in the Alps

Walking in the Alps is an incomparable experience. The high, yet easily accessible Alps make some of the most impressive destinations for walkers.  With astonishing forests, meadows filled with colorful flowers and alpine towns, the area is extremely attractive for tourists, especially for nature-lovers. The area is one of the most picturesque regions of France. If you love walking tours, don’t miss it!

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