Top winter destinations in France

Skiing at Chamonix TRAILSOURCE.COM/Flickr

Skiing at Chamonix ©TRAILSOURCE.COM/Flickr

Visiting France during winter season can offer many different experiences. It can mean different things to different people: you can visit Paris for instance and enjoy the Christmas markets and lights; you can explore some other popular destinations in France, too or you can go skiing in one of the numerous ski resorts. A great advantage of visiting France during winter season is that most regions in the southern part remain relatively mild. Thus, France is an ideal destination for a relaxed cottage holiday, too. Are you planning to visit France during this winter? Read the following guide before traveling. Below I will present you the top winter destinations in France.

The Alps

The French Alps are a wonderful portion of the Alps. This mountainous area of the country is very attractive among tourists. It is a fantastic region which gets crowded during winter season. There are numerous famous towns in the French Alps, including Chamonix, Grenoble, Annecy, Évian-les-Bains and so on. Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the Alps is also a famous destination for tourists.

Skiing at Chamonix TRAILSOURCE.COM/Flickr

Skiing at Chamonix ©TRAILSOURCE.COM/Flickr

The Pyrenees

As another alternative for skiing, the Pyrenees also make a great winter destination of France. It lies on the border of France and Spain, offering lower elevation than the Alps. The Pyrenees offer a large variety of different ski resorts and slopes. Walking and hiking activities during ski season are also available. If you are visiting this region of France, don’t miss the Pyrenees!

The Pyrenees during winter Tourisme Grand Tourmalet/Flickr

The Pyrenees during winter ©Tourisme Grand Tourmalet/Flickr


It might sound unusual to visit the region of Provence during winter season. It is more like a summer destination when the lavender fields are at their best. Due to the location of region, the weather is milder than in other parts of the country. With usually 14 degrees, the area is a paradise for those who love to visit winter sun destinations. Besides, you can also enjoy some fantastic Christmas markets.


Another fantastic region with mild temperatures during winter season is Aquitaine. Aquitaine is particularly famous for its year round surfing possibilities. It is extremely popular for the Moilets beach which benefits from the warm currents of the Atlantic Ocean. If you prefer mild temperatures instead of snowy and cold ski resorts, I recommend you to visit Aquitaine.


The French capital city, Paris is worth visiting all year round. The city becomes magical around Christmas. It is a fantastic place to visit during winter. There are numerous Christmas markets which attract the visitors each and every year. Besides, the atmosphere is incomparable. The Christmas lights on the Champs Elysees are astonishing.

Paris during winter flavouz/Flickr

Paris during winter ©flavouz/Flickr

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