Tourist guide to Auvergne

Auvergne landscape R_a_p_h_a_e_l/Flickr

Auvergne landscape ©R_a_p_h_a_e_l/Flickr

As one of the hidden treasures of France, Auvergne is an amazing tourist destination. It is characterized by picturesque landscapes, including mountains, hills, valleys, rivers and forests. The region includes an area of the Massif Central which is a very popular natural jewel. The capital city of Auvergne is Clermont Ferrand. The city is also a famous tourist destination, but the region of Auvergne is mostly attractive for the lovers of nature. The region is divided into several natural areas, including even volcanoes. In case you are interested in a visit to Auvergne, I recommend you to read the following guide before traveling. It will serve as a tourist guide to Auvergne.

How to get there

Although low cost airlines do not serve the region at the moment, you can easily reach Auvergne. It is located closer to Paris, Britain and Northern Europe than the Mediterranean region of France. By air you can get easy to Auvergne, as Clermont Ferrand Airport has direct flights with numerous French destinations.

If you want to reach the area by car, you can get there in 4 hours from Paris and in 7 to 9 hours from Calais or Brussels. Fast Intercités express trains also run between the capital city and Clermont Ferrand. As you can see, there are many options to choose of.

Auvergne landscape R_a_p_h_a_e_l/Flickr

Auvergne landscape ©R_a_p_h_a_e_l/Flickr

Highlights – areas

As I already mentioned it, the region of Auvergne is divided into several areas, including the Volcanoes (between Puy de Sancy and Plomb du Cantal), Limagne (with the plains in the northern part), Haut Allier (where the Allier River emerge in the valleys from the uplands), Cezallier (a high prairie land, going southwards from the Massif du Sancy, being famous for its cheese and cattle grazing), Monts du Forez (a chain of uplands), Velay, the Cantal uplands and the mountains of the Margeride.

All of the areas are very attractive for tourists, offering different natural jewels for every type of visitor. Whether you like mountainous areas, plains or valleys, you will find everything in the region of Auvergne.

Lake in Auvergne JPC24M/Flickr

Lake in Auvergne ©JPC24M/Flickr

Things to do in Auvergne

As the region is abundant in natural jewels, tourists can practice numerous outdoor activities in Auvergne. Mountain biking and hiking can be practiced almost in every part of Auvergne. Downhill skiing can be practiced on Plomb du Cantal and Puy de Sancy. Nordic skiing can also be practiced in Auvergne, in many places.

You can also practice different water sports and extreme sports like kayaking in the area. These are practicable on the Loire and Allier. Fishing can also be practiced on these rivers.

Mountainous area in Auvergne hellolapomme/Flickr

Mountainous area in Auvergne ©hellolapomme/Flickr




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