Travel guide to the best river- and canal cruises in France

Cruiser in the Rhone Valley, photo by Dave-F/flickr

When it comes to France, people usually think about its magnificent cities, spectacular landscapes, the French Riviera, the Alps with ski resorts, its picturesque rural sites and gorgeous monuments and buildings. There is also another less popular attraction in France, more precisely the river- and canal cruises. The country is home to several beautiful rivers and canals. Thus, it is not surprising that this kind of tours have been developed here. During a one-week cruise passengers have the occasion to admire not only the peaceful riverside or canal, but several other attractions situated along the river. Passengers can relax and enjoy the journey in some wonderful and comfortable barge-hotel rooms. I am absolutely convinced that you will be satisfied by the conditions, the services and the visited attractions after a river- or canal cruise in France.


Cruise in France on the Canal de la Marne


This cruise includes seven days and six nights. Guests will enjoy the cruise on the 12-passenger spectacular and comfortable Adrienne barge. With handcrafted, beautiful French furnishings, the barge offers several twin suites and marble baths. It also has a beautiful salon and dining area where passengers can enjoy superb cuisine and wines. The barge has a spacious deck with comfortable loungers where guests can relax and enjoy the scenic views. In the 2012 season, between April and July, the Adrienne cruises between Nancy and Strasbourg, in the Loire region. Then between July and October, Adrienne cruises in the Champagne region. During the cruises, passengers will see several attractions and visit spectacular destinations, such as the Inclined Plane, wine tasting at Domaine Bechtold, a walking tour of Nancy, the town of Saverne, the village of Lutzelbourg, champagne tasting at Moët & Chandon and so on.


River cruiser on Seine River, photo by ell brown/flickr


Cruise in France on the Rhone River in Provence


It also includes seven days and six nights. The 12-passenger river cruiser, named Napoléon is one of Europe’s most beautiful one. It has large windows that offer gorgeous views of the landscapes. The cruiser provides luxurious staterooms and each room has its own bathroom. The main deck includes a large and impressive salon and also a gorgeous, separated dining room, while there is an exterior dining area situated on the upper deck. Other features of the cruiser are loungers, exercise equipment and jacuzzi. This river cruiser cruises the beautiful Rhône River, in Provence. During the cruise passengers will admire fantastic countryside that inspired Cézanne and Van Gogh. The region presents spectacular architecture, ruins of fine fortifications and arenas. The olive plantations and lavender fields of Provence are also fantastic attractions of the region. There are excursions to the wine region, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and the towns of Avignon, St Rémy, Arles and so on. A memorable part of this adventure is a great surprise when, returning from the excursions, you will find a delicious diner, prepared by the gourmet chef.


Cruiser in the Rhone Valley, photo by Dave-F/flickr


Cruise in the South of France on the Canal du Midi


The one-week cruise on the 6-passenger Emma barge is a fantastic occasion for relaxing. The cruise in the South of France along the Canal du Midi is characterized by the Mediterranean atmosphere and includes several attractions. “Emma” is a lovely restored barge of 28 meters in length. Its interior is spacious, bright and very comfortable for 6 passengers. There are three cabins with private baths each other. The barge is fully air-conditioned and has central heating for the cooler evenings in spring and autumn. The outer deck has a comfortable eating area and loungers to relax on as you watch the wonderful French countryside.


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