Visit the city of history and art – Rennes

Rennes Cathedral ©chelmsfordblue/Flickr

Considered by many the city of history and art, Rennes is an outstanding tourist destination, being home to some astonishing attractions. Rennes can be found in Northwestern France, more precisely in Brittany. Not only the historic centre, but other districts of the city are also very attractive.

There are so many outstanding buildings in Rennes that visitors need a couple of days to visit all of them. Some of the spectacular attractions of the city are the following: the beautiful Rennes Cathedral, the Parliament of Brittany, the wonderful Saint George Palace and its gardens, the Thabor Botanical Garden and so on. If you want to have a great holiday, visit the city of history and art – Rennes!

Rennes Cathedral

The huge and fascinating Roman Catholic cathedral of Rennes is a major tourist attraction in the city. It is a historic monument since 1906. The nave of the cathedral is immense and breathtaking, attracting numerous visitors each year. The original church was replaced in the 12th century by a Gothic cathedral. The actual façade was constructed during the following two centuries, in several stages. During the 18th century some parts of the cathedral needed to be rebuilt. The works were finished in 1845. Today, it is an important landmark of the city.

Rennes Cathedral ©chelmsfordblue/Flickr

The Palace of Parliament of Brittany

Another significant symbol of Rennes is the Palace of Parliament of Brittany. The building which was recently restored is of an outstanding beauty. The interior part of the palace is astonishing, being highly decorated. There are numerous fantastic paintings and spectacular chandeliers in the numerous rooms. Some of the beautiful rooms are the following: the Grand Chamber, the Waiting Room and the Court of Assizes. Some parts of the building are open to the public and can be visited by guided tours. (November 2012)

Palace of Parliament of Brittany ©Eusebius@Commons/Flickr

Saint George Palace and its gardens

Saint George Palace is another attractive palace in the city of Rennes. With its gardens the palace is a major attraction of the city. The fantastic historic building used to serve as an abbey residence which was built in 1670. Today it is considered a historic monument. Located in the eastern part of the city centre, the beautiful Saint George Palace has a magnificent landscape garden in the front. The paths which are surrounded by amazing beds of flowers lead to the main entrance.

Saint George Palace and its gardens ©drako99/Flickr

Jardin botanique du Thabor

It is considered an important botanic garden in Rennes. The fantastic garden is situated on the eastern side of the park with the same name, Parc du Thabor. The botanic garden was opened in 1868 and lies on a huge surface, being home to more than 3.000 species of wonderful flowers and plants. There are outstanding walkways which surround the beds of the beautiful plants. Visiting the botanic garden is surely a great day out for the family, especially for those who love plants. It is open every day and there is no entry fee. (November 2012)


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