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Puy du Fou nath21/Flickr

Puy du Fou ©nath21/Flickr

What is the Puy de Fou? You’ve probably never heard about this fantastic historical theme park. It is situated in Les Epesses, in the centre of the Vendée region. The park attracts about 1.5 million visitors yearly, making it the fourth most popular sight in the country. The idea of creating the park began with the discovery of a ruined Renaissance castle in the village in 1977.

Today the theme park is a very attractive visitor attraction, including five different grandiose shows: the Vikings, the Secret of the Lance, Richelieu’s Musketeers, the Phantom Birds’ Dance and the Triumph’s Sign. All of the five separate shows are very popular among visitors. There is even a nightly show named the Cinescerie which is also very popular. Besides, there are other attractions here, too. In case you would like to visit the fantastic Puy du Fou, I suggest you to read this guide below first.


As I already mentioned it, the ruined Renaissance castle was discovered in 1977 in the village of Les Epesses. The original idea of a show named the Cinescerie belonged to those two young people who discovered the castle. They wrote a great scenario and later created an association named “l’Association du Puy du Fou”.

The first show took place in 1978, but it wasn’t successful. Later, in 1989, the park opened its doors to the visitors and soon became one of the most visited theme parks in France.

The main shows

There are five main shows: the Vikings, the Secret of the Lance, Richelieu’s Musketeers, the Phantom Birds’ Dance and the Triumph’s Sign. Besides these, there are other smaller shows, too, like the Knights of the Round Table or the Great Waters. All the shows are amazing and attract dozens of spectators every day. Whatever you’d prefer, you will surely find at least one show to entertain you.

Puy du Fou nath21/Flickr

Puy du Fou ©nath21/Flickr

The nightly show – the Cinescerie

The grandiose show Cinescerie is considered one of he biggest nightly shows in the world. The show involves 1.200 actors and dancers, a 23 hectare stage and over 24.000 of costumes, lasting for 1 hour and 40 minutes. It is important to know that the show’s price is not included in the admission fee of the park and you have to make a reservation.

Puy du Fou nightly show Ludo29880/Flickr

Puy du Fou nightly show ©Ludo29880/Flickr

Other attractions

In between the fantastic shows visitors have the occasion to visit some fascinating sights, including “The Medieval City”, “The 18th Century Village”, “The Jumping Jets”, “The Valley of Bloom”, “The Animal Labyrinth”, “The Children’s Lair” and so on. All of these gorgeous attractions are extremely attractive, having something to offer to each member of the family.

Puy du Fou show nath21/Flickr

Puy du Fou show ©nath21/Flickr

Tourist information

The theme park is open to the public between April and September. The park also contains great hotels, so you won’t have to worry about the accommodation. There are 1-day, 2-days and 3-days tickets and the prices vary depending on what you choose: from €19 (children) to €28 (adults) for one day and from €40 (children) to €61 (adults) for three days. (May 2013)


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