Visit the magnificent “Golden Triangle” of Luberon

Lacoste, photo by ell brown/Flickr

The spectacular area named Luberon consists of three mountain ranges and occupies a surface of about 600 km². The three mountain ranges are the following: the Oriental Luberon, the Big Luberon and the Little Luberon. It can be found in Provence, in South France. Luberon is a popular tourist attraction within the country. The area is famous for being home to a great variety of animals and plants. There are also several spectacular villages in the region, such as Gordes which is a very attractive village, being situated on a hillside. There are seven settlements which form the famous “Golden Triangle”. Read on to find out which are these.


It is a very popular village situated in the Vaucluse department. The breathtaking mountain settlement overlooks the Big Luberon and the village of Bonnieux. The fantastic cobblestone streets and the gorgeous houses make Lacoste a wonderful medieval village.

Lacoste, photo by ell brown/Flickr


Situated also in the department of Vaucluse, Gordes is a picturesque hillside village which is very attractive to visitors of Luberon. Besides the fantastic position of Gordes, there are also other great attractions in the village, such as the Sénanque Abbey, the cellars of the Saint-Firmain Palace, the castle and so on.



The village is situated between the Big and the Little Luberon. The fantastic “hill village” is a famous historic settlement. It is situated on the top of the hills of Luberon. Adjacent to the tiny village is a picturesque cedar forest which can be very attractive for nature-lovers.


Goult is perched on a hill and is one of the most beautiful settlements in the Vaclause department. There are numerous attractions on this lovely village, such as the mill, the Saint Véran Chapel, the castle and the Notre Dame des Lumières Church.


The wonderful village of Oppède is set in picturesque landscape, having a part situated on hillside. The settlement is actually formed of two villages, the Oppède-les-Poulivets and the Oppède-le-Vieux. The “old village” was built on the hillside with tiny narrow streets, being very attractive for tourists. In the 20th century the inhabitants of the “old village” started to build houses closer to the fields, towards the valley. The “new village” has larger streets and cozier houses.


It is a breathtaking commune, being situated on a hilltop. The settlement with its citadel is famous for being the site of a battle between the Catholics and Huguenots.


Perched on a hill, the fantastic commune is famous for its ochre deposits. These can be found in the surrounding of the village. It is a popular tourist destination of Luberon. Roussilon is a picturesque village with tiny narrow streets and a peaceful atmosphere. It is simply perfect for a great vacation.

Roussillon, photo by ell brown/Flickr


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