Visit the most picturesque waterfalls in France

Gavarnie Waterfall, photo by paspalleteir@/Flickr

When it comes to romance, historic towns, monuments or buildings, worldwide famous art and culture, superb cuisine, France is the perfect choice! But let’s not forget of the spectacular natural beauty offered by the country. From plains to mountains, France is home to some magnificent landscapes and landforms. Being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the country has a large coastal area, too. The eastern and southeastern part of France is dominated by spectacular mountain ranges, the Pyrenees and the Alps. These regions are perfect for nature-lovers, climbers or hikers. There are spectacular landscapes here with rivers, lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. In the following article there will be presented the most picturesque waterfalls of France.

La Cascade de Gavarnie (Gavarnie Waterfall)

This breathtaking fall is certainly one of the best-known waterfalls in France. It can be found in the Midi-Pyrenees, sitting in a glacial cirque. Gavarnie Waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. It is set in picturesque landscape, surrounded by high mountain peaks. Its tallest tier is situated at about 280 m high. The waterfall is quite hardly accessible, as you need to make a hike of about 2 hours from the town situated at the cirque’s base. It is not recommended to visit the falls if the weather is bad, because you may not be able to see it.

Gavarnie Waterfall, photo by paspalleteir@/Flickr

Cascade d’Ars (Ars Waterfall)

Situated in the Midi-Pyrenees, it is one of the most picturesque waterfalls of France. It falls down of about 240 m high, set in a breathtaking landscape. The waterfall is located closely to the spa town, Aulus-les Bains. From the town, it takes about an hour and a half to get to the falls on marked trails. Trust me, it is worth making this walk, because once you get there you will have the occasion not to admire only the spectacular waterfall, but you will also have a breathtaking view over the little spa town.

Pont d’Espagne (Bridge of Spain)

Also situated in the Midi-Pyrenees, it is one of the most popular and most beautiful waterfalls of France. There are two major waterfalls which meet at a wonderful stone bridge. The site is very popular among photographers, as the scenery is breathtaking. If you would like to go uphill, you can make it either by foot or using the cable car. The trek is worth making it. You will be amazed by the wonderful scenery and the spectacular lakeside surrounded by mountains.

Cascades du Herisson (Herisson Waterfalls)

The impressive waterfall can be found in the Jura Mountains, in the Herisson Valley. There are seven waterfalls on the river with the same name. Three of them are major, having at least a 35 m height. It is quite easy to visit the waterfalls, as there are marked trails, also entry or exit points connected to car parks. If you would like to see all of the falls, I suggest you start from the House of the Waterfalls. It is a 7.4 km walk back and forth, but it’s worth making it. I guarantee you will be amazed by the gorgeous scenery and the picturesque waterfalls.

Herisson Waterfall, photo by caitriana/Flickr

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